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CNA's/PCT's how much do you make? - page 2

I have a couple interviews for PCT positions, but I have no idea what to expect as a salary. I am a student nurse in NE FL. Please tell me where you live, your experience, and how much you make. I... Read More

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    Quote from Belladonna
    ROTFLMAO! Is that what CNA's make out there? Gee in WI you are lucky to find one that has a starting wage of $10/hour.
    $10 as a starting wage? In my dreams. My starting wage as an NA was $6. When I got certified it went to $7. Now it's $8. It ain't gonna go much higher. Good thing I don't have a family to support. I don't know how people do it.
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    I am a CNA in CT and make $12.25. I work per diem and thats just starting pay too.
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    12.00 for days, 13.00 for evenings
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    In a Level II Trauma hospital, in Spokane, WA. Starting pay is $10.75 with one year experience (plus $0.10 per year experience). Evening shift differential is $1.00, NOC differential is $1.50 and weekend differential is $1.21. So, since I work Eves and have 3 years experience, I make $11.95 during the week and $13.16 on weekends. RNs start out here at $19.00 per hour, so I'm not doing THAT bad.

    Alison, new RN grad (still working as NAC until I get an RN job )
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    wow! some of you make more than i make as an lpn!
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    i made 9.75 an hr in buffalo ny
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    Our CNAs make $11-$13/hour in Portland, OR (in hospitals, anyway).
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    My partner makes $10/hour, no experience, first CNA/PCT job, hospital near Houston.
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    PCT/Dialysis AZ $15.42/hr
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    Here in Michigan with no experience its $ 9 per hr up to $12. currently im making $20 per bath visit
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    Wow... here in southern Alabama people would kill to make over $10 an hour as a CNA... my facility starts untrained techs at $6.25, then raises it to $6.75 after they finish the certification class. All I can say is thank goodness I'm an RN! Of course here a 2 bedroom apartment runs about $300-$500 a month...

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    Central FL area $12/hr PRN to start as a PCT. I know some of the other hospitals in my area start around $10/hr.
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    Here in Philly, PA as a PCT we make $14.50 days and $17.00 nights - Oncology of course!! RN's start at $23.00:hatparty: