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I have a couple interviews for PCT positions, but I have no idea what to expect as a salary. I am a student nurse in NE FL. Please tell me where you live, your experience, and how much you make. I know I will probably have to... Read More

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    Quote from jval
    Just finished my CNA program 7/31/12 and I will be taking my American Red Cross test tomorrow morning!
    I have been offered a full time position working PMs in an Orthopedic Care Unit.
    $12/hr + Benefits
    No exp.
    Hi Jval: what area of Cali are you in? I'm in Nor cal and haven't been able to start at that rate. Is this an LTC or acute care hospital?

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    Utah LTC $10/hr. Just got in at the hospital in the ICU and I'm starting at $12/hr with benefits and tuition reduction. $13/hr for nights $14/hr for weekend nights... not too shabby when you're a student

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