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I have a couple interviews for PCT positions, but I have no idea what to expect as a salary. I am a student nurse in NE FL. Please tell me where you live, your experience, and how much you make. I... Read More

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    I used to work as a PCNA (patient care nursing assistant) and also a NT (nurse tech).

    Northeastern Ohio

    PCNA: $11.50/hour + $1 shift differential. PRN, no benefits. If you worked part-time or full-time your pay was lower but you would get benefits.

    NT: $10.77/hr + $0.50 shift differential. All NT's were hired on a PRN basis, no benefits. By the time I resigned (because I was relocating) I was making $11.27/hr.

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    Just got offered a job in CT and was told my pay would be $12/hour for 32 hours/week.
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    In my facility, the CNAs make $15.96 an hour. LTC. Brooklyn, NY
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    PCTs/CNAs are tremendously important in healthcare... I respect my CENAs, they are my eyes and ears.

    You are ALL underpaid.. But I at least hope most of you are appreciated.:redpinkhe

    Diane, RN
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    I just got an offer in a post acute in Atlanta Ga.The pay is $ 9.25 with no experience;I feel so disappointed.I will take it while looking for another cna job.
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    i wrk in mich. as an na. not cna or pct. & i make 15.75 an hr. + insurnace + rembursement for school up to 1600 a sumester. + 401k u should get a lot more then me.
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    The CNA's at our LTC make barely over min wage.

    They are highly underpaid, and extremely overworked... and they wonder why we can't keep the good ones!
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    I work in a hospital with 2 years experience.

    I make $15.01 / hr plus weekend differential pay and unlimited overtime. I have full benefits, 401K, insurance and full tuition reimbursements if I decide to go to school.

    This is in Austin, Texas.
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    Just under $16, no benefits
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    I just got a job. $9.25/hr. and it's part time NOC and on call. Needless to say I'm still job searching. I took it because it was the first call I received for an interview in over a month.
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