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I'm finished

  1. 0 I finished my comprehensive exam, and I'll graduate with my MSN in May. I'll soon officially/legally be a community health CNS.

    I'm so relieved and glad to be finished. I Just wanted to share my good news

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    Congrats to you! What a huge accomplishment!
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    Thanks! I hope to spend more time in my garden than I do at my computer now

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    Congratulations to you!
    Congratulations to you!
    Congratulations to you Linda!
    Congratulatons to you! :kiss
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    linda, excellent news, congratulations!
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    My gosh, what a relief that must be to have that all over with!!
    You should be VERY proud of yourself.
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    I am so thrilled for you. I have two years to go and I am pulling my hair out. CONGRATULATIONS!
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    Congratulations!!!!!! Enjoy your success!
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    Good news, indeed ! So where is it you're going for a little R&R?

    Figi Islands? Swiss Alps? St. Croix ? Where?
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    What great news!!!!!!!!!!! Now you can come play here more often.

    I so value Kitty, our CNS and her wisdom. She continues to see some of the toughest patients --case manages 5 pts and will do joint visits with staff for second opinions along with being our educator.
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    Thank you all! I'm still in limbo as I havent graduated yet and I still have to register with the BON as an APN. I'm waiting on a renewed contract with my current employer who will, hopefully, expand my scope (and my paycheck). I look forward to using my knowledge and gaining new knowledge through practice.

    R&R? I cant afford to visit exotic places right now, but I do plan to go to NY to see my daughter and her high school choir perform at Carnegie Hall. I have a stack of books that I didnt have time to read until now. I'm buying season tickets for my states minor leage baseball games. I can go camping! The possibilities for fun are endless. Thanks again for all of your responses.