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  1. 4 First off to say, Im veeery excited to pass this test. I did today, with flying colors. However when I mentioned to the other nurses that I had the CCRN to take this Friday I got- 2 eye-rolls, 7 sighs, and couple of nasty comments about how useless it is. So now I can even tell anyone that I got it. Especially that I am a new CV nurse and new to the unit-but obviously not new to ICU. Sooo, Im telling you guys
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    Congratulations! It's too bad it's not more important in our unit - mine makes a big deal out of anyone who passes. Hopefully next year for me
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    Nope, I told my preceprtor and she said it is an unnecessary test and it doesnt show anythingAnd I dont even get paid any extra or get reimbursed for it-what a bummer..
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    Keep your victories to yourself. Most people couldn't care less. Don't forget to sign "RN, CCRN" though!
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    Congrats, don't let those whom are jelous ruin your week. Good Job!
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    Well going by your preceptor's logic, any certification must be "unnecessary"!! Be proud of yourself - certification shows that you took the initiative to ensure you're the best you can be in your specialty.
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    Congratulations on passing the test! I for one thought it was harder than the NCLEX-RN.

    I think those that devalue the CCRN cert. are those who probably don't want to bother to prepare themselves for the exam and then sit for the test. They are jealous!

    Congrats to you!! Be PROUD of this!! Don't hide it!
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    Congrat's! Sorry your fellow RN's don't seem too supportive, but the cert DOES matter to you, your pts, and all of us that have made it a goal. Congrat's again!
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    I just passed the test this month also, and I think it's a huge achievement and where I work it's a great accomplishment. Where I work you actually get a bonus for it. And it looks great on your resume because I just transferred to another hospital and they add to your hourly rate. Be proud!!!
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    Congratulations! I also got CCRN about a year ago. Our hospital is trying to encourage all critical care nurses to get CCRN but there is a lot of "bleagh!! with tongue sticking out" going on. Perhaps it is because there is not any monetary incentive . . . just personal satisfaction, and an "attaboy" from management.
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    Congratulations, I'm now begining to study for this test.. If you dont mind sharing, what aids did you use for this test??


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    Congrats! Be loud and be proud that you have passed! Those with the rolling eyes are probably complacent and settled into their work. Don't let them get you down. You have now shown yourself, your work and future employers that you have taken the initiative to take a test that proves you have a level of knowledge/expertise in your field. Do we roll our eyes when a MD gets certified in a specialty field? NO! We expect them to! We should have the same expectations of our peers.
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    Quote from Emendieta
    Congratulations, I'm now begining to study for this test.. If you dont mind sharing, what aids did you use for this test??


    I used the CD with Pass CCRN, Laura Gasparis Vonfrolio tapes and also attended a live CCRN review course with her. If you can see her live, I highly recommend it!

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