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in2bate71 has 10 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in ICU/ER/Flight.

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  1. Where are the jobs at? has a "base map" tab on their site that may help, especially if someone has a desired job location or wants to find the programs available in an area. (However, the map is a little outdated.) I know it's not the job database you'r...
  2. EKG Interp. and Axis

    If you're interested in learning how to determine axis and the what it means, the best reference I've studied is Bob Page's "12-Lead ECG for Acute and Critical Care Providers". He also has a website with course hand-outs that "may" help you out.
  3. CEN Exam Changes?
  4. Continuous arterial ABG monitoring

    Does he have a vested interest in Via Medical, perhaps?
  5. Trop and CK-MB levels
  6. Another CEN question

    Hey... You have more than enough time to prep for the exam, I studied for about a month and felt prepared. As far as study materials go, anything from the ENA should be a good bet since that is the body that writes the exam. I used the ENA review bo...
  7. CCRN

    Congrat's! Sorry your fellow RN's don't seem too supportive, but the cert DOES matter to you, your pts, and all of us that have made it a goal. Congrat's again!
  8. CFRN/CTRN Support Thread

    Has anyone used Will's video series from his website?
  9. Oklahoma NP or PA??

    Hey MM, I was going through the same struggle trying to decide about a year ago ( I live in OKC also, BTW). Really wanted to try for PA school, but I ultimately decided to go with the NP route for a couple of reasons... if you're interested in "why"...
  10. Can I handle transport nursing?

    I work with a crewmember who is prone to air sickness, she pops a zofran on the "bumpy" days and does fine.
  11. How do I get accepted into Texas CRNA school?

    Then don't even consider that program...
  12. Question Guys: Do you enjoy nursing?

    Hey man, it does get better. I had the same feelings when I first started. I've been doing this for about 8 years now, started as a tech in an ICU and ED. First job out of school was in the ICU and had to deal with an inordinate amount of ****** wome...
  13. Post Cardiac Arrest Hypothermis

    We initiate our hypothermia protocol in the ED with ROSC pts...we've seen some very impressive results when it's started early. Very intensive care but once the pt is at target range everything flows pretty well. The AACN website has a new CE with ...
  14. ACNP vs FNP

    Tat, What made you choose the Vandy program over the ACNP program here in the DFW area? I'm looking at applying to an ACNP program next year and, for convenience sake, thinking about UTA but I don't know much about that program yet. 95% attrition ra...
  15. Online biochemistry course?

    A friend of mine took the class and finished a few months ago, she said it was a pretty tough class but well worth the effort. She put in 2 hours of study a night (seriously) for the entire course and came out with a B.