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Hello. I'm a pretty new nurse. Been working in a med-surg floor for about a year and working the floor has brought nothing but stress for me. I hate that I work like a horse almost everyday. I want to be able to do more not just... Read More

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    Quote from mwall84
    Question for yall..

    I am a paramedic with almost 5 years of experience and hold CPR,ACLS, PALS, ITLS, PITLS, EPC instructor certifications. I love cardiac, and that is what I would consider my forte. I am in the last semester of nursing school. Would the cath lab be a good fit for me most likely?
    I see paramedics doing the ICU and float to ER route, then get their CTRN or CFRN and their FP-C going on to transport/flight nursing.

    Either route, I think you'd have a blast in the icu first--it is where i met my first paramedic as a nurse--she had gone thru regents of new york back in 1992 or thereabouts, and went on to get the beforementioned certs and career path i am mentioning.

    The cath lab environment can vary considerably from facility to facility, undoubtedly. Some environments I have seen were very uncooperative, and others were very supportive--after all, this is a fast-paced, procedure-type, time-dependent environment, and the new guy can slow things down, so it is preferrable that you have a good starting knowledge base from which to pull (icu) also helps to have a good working memory, NO ADD/ADHD, and a higher-than-normal IQ........of course.

    I would try the icu first and then do a 'stent' in the cath lab and judge for yourself, with the understanding that some labs are more friendly than others--some have very experienced staff and they are so knowledgeable that it seems 'strange' to them how the new gal just cant get it.

    just my 2cents.
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    explain the no add/adhd thing, Maybe your just describing a personality trait but im interested in what you mean?

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