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  1. Hello all, I am writing a paper on parish nursing and I am also exploring advance practice in this specialty. I am interested if there are any advance practice nurses in this field and what makes your role different in other settings, how do you get compensated, how do you maintain a patient relationship with a client, what are the legal issues in treating patients in this setting. Any info would be greatly appreciated!
  2. We do get a lot of 'intresting' patients on the floor. We talk about them (PA, MD, nurses, management) constantly, nothing disrespectful. But it seems like if a patient is being difficult or demanding, rest assured that patient is well known to everyone. Is that considered violation of confidentiality?
  3. aruray

    Is cath lab for me?

    Hello. I'm a pretty new nurse. Been working in a med-surg floor for about a year and working the floor has brought nothing but stress for me. I hate that I work like a horse almost everyday. I want to be able to do more not just giving meds, waitressing or housekeeping. I looked at the positions open in the hospital and most were for cath lab. Whats the schedule like in cath lab? Is it flex hours too? I dont know ACLS nor telemetry. Do you think they will hire me with very little experience and knowlwedge?
  4. I work for a Jewish hospital system. I recently found out they have programs that is community and faith based?, now I was wondering if I can apply for a position as faith community nurse but I'm not necessarily jewish or plan on becoming one soon. Is that possible?
  5. aruray

    I cant find any parish nurses!

    Hello. I've been intrested in parish nursing for a long time. Some time ago, we were filling prescriptions for mentally ill patients that looked like it came from a catholic community center and thought thats a really great idea to be able to help a comunity like that. Anyways, I have been searching the net and couldnt find such places in my area. My question: 1. What types of services do you have in your parish? Anything like emergent care or mental health of sorts in your church? I heard that some congregations would even contact the primary care and inquire about a pt's status/medicatione etc. Help with arranging insurance applications etc. 2. Do you get paid? Is it like a 24/7 job that people call you all the time? 3. Your primary role, is it a nurse or a ministry person? Are you actually required to do ministry work while in the field? Ive heard some say that pt's request prayers recited with the nurse. That seems ok, but do you actually preach the gospel? What kind of other spiritual guidance do you do with your patients? 4. Lastly, what are some of the problems you have encountered while working as a p.nurse? What would you like to see happen in parish nursing?
  6. aruray

    Can someone explain to me..

    The pt takes Depakote at home, for some odd reason she told the PA that she has a hard time swallowing, when she's taking these big arse pills!. I guess the PA just didnt realize how large those pills are compared to Imitrex pills. I would think that the Imitrex injections cost more than the pills. Most patients dont know anything about PCA unless they had several surgeries. I guess I've seen too many patients over react to their illness and demand unecessarily, worse practitioners that give in to their demands and leave it all up to the nurse to deal with! Most days the patient load is heavy that I am reduced to providing just what is necessary or else I risk neglecting my other patients, or I drop dead. Its frustrating that patients, even some practitioners behave like they have a private nurse on duty.
  7. aruray

    Can someone explain to me..

    I dont mean to offend anybody. I may look like a dumbo after this post but I'm just trying to learn about my pt's and how I could have handled this scenario differently. Anyways, a pt was ordered Depakote tablet and Imitrex SC for her migraine h/a's. Of course pharmacy is giving me a hard time on the Imitrex so that prompted me to call the PA. I was told that the pt could not 'swallow'. I'm thinking, 'what?!', those DEpakote pills are horse pills.. and she went to say why the pt is on SC not tablets but I didnt bother to listen intently because I was just flipping out on the orders. The PA went mad as soon as I called on her 'absurd' orders. I do want whats best for the pt and I have no prblems following orders, even if I have to give my arm to get that order done. But the order has to make sense, especially if I risk neglecting my other patients for that order. The same PA oredered her PCA changed because she apparently "dry heaved" 1 time on another floor but wasnt documented. I had given her Anzemet and had no issues at all the rest of the time I had her. I think the order was unecessary since the pt said she was feeling much better. So basically I spent a lot of time obtaining meds and changing tubings for this pt for reasons I dont understand and agree and especially on a day that I have 4 post op pts and 1 bleeding pt. Those are the days I think I was gonna go nuts.
  8. Hey guys! just wanted to hear some input about the two courses. Like what was involved in the course. .. if it was easy...prof to recommend...etc.
  9. Im an intl student graduating in dec. It seems like the opportunities for foreign nurses are very limited. I would like to start a job in a big hospital right after i graduate to get some good experience, but it seems like there's very little possibility of that ever happening. I've asked every major private hospitals around ny metro but all of them said no, they cant hire someone like me. Are there any foreign nurses able to get jobs in big hospitals? How did u guys do it?
  10. BMCC boys and gals, pre-clinical and clinical, a new forum just for BMCC students check it out www.bmccvoiceout.com its a forum for all bmcc students. exchange ideas with other students. maybe we can form our own nursing board. you can also sell books, buy books. share upcoming events... etc. and you can rate your professors! yes! time for revenge, just kidding. but rate that math teacher that u hate so much. hehhe. ok guys?
  11. i'm an adn student and eligible to take the lpn exam. i'd realy like to take the lpn exam and i think i could pass it. the only thing stopping me is the $335 total fee (licensing and testing fee). anybody had someone else help pay for their testing fees? thanks.
  12. aruray

    Any Filipino nurses here???

    hello po. hehe