Anybody filed their I-140 b4 Dec 31?

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I am confused whether it makes a difference if I file now or after Jan 1. I am filipino and educated here in the states. I read somewhere that any petition filed after Jan 1 2002 will have to wait 2 years for visas to be available. So, if I understand it correct, anybody with a petition filed after this date will have to waits 2 yrs or more before seeing any kind of work authorization or papers from CIS. This also includes the EAD? Should I file now or no? Please someone enlighten me.

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No one knows for sure what the final status will be in a case like yours. If you can get filed before the 31st, then definitely take advantage of it.

Are you currently on an F-1 visa? Have you graduated yet? If not, be all means take advantage of the OPT program available for you. Things may change over the next year, just as quick as this new rule came in.


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Does anubody knows if there is a possibility to speed up the process of reviewing Visa Petition Form I-140?

Thanks a lot!

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There is nothing to speed up any of the processes. Sorry.......


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i heard from a friend of mine wherein I-140 was filed for her together with I-485, I-765 and I-131 after jan 1, 2005. apparently, only I-140 was received and the rest were returned together with the corresponding fees.

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