UFV September 2017 Applicants - page 3

Hey Everyone :O) I thought that I would start a September 2017 intake thread. It is a bit early compared to other threads, but we can chat as we prepare for the deadline. What applicants are... Read More

  1. by   Prmtm
    Wow congratulations guys! Good luck on the essay questions, wish you all the best!
    I hope I hear soon too It's Saturday, hopefully more e-mails will go out on Monday! Fingers crossed!
  2. by   victoriamil
    omg me too, I keep refreshing my email :'(
  3. by   victoriamil
    GPA cut off is 3.75 this year
  4. by   Ltph
    Oh my gosh ): I had a 3.67
  5. by   percythepup
    I have exactly a 3.75 gpa and I received no emails My application still says "ready for review" so at least I haven't gotten the boot lol
  6. by   Prmtm
    I called and asked when emails will be sent out regarding the info session, and she said that they'll be sending out emails up until the end of march!
  7. by   2221
    The GPA cut-off is so high this year compared to the previous years!
    What are the dates for the info sessions?
  8. by   2221
    I wonder if they are sending out the info session e-mails in order by the date that you applied?
  9. by   clwpac
    I don't think it's in order they received your application because I applied a week and a half before the deadline. Maybe it's alphabetical?
  10. by   Prmtm
    I hope not my last name starts with a B!
  11. by   victoriamil
    Ughh I hope they lower the GPA cut off, I had a 3.67 too
  12. by   Prmtm
    I just received an e-mail saying I wasn't accepted
  13. by   kdc123
    @Prmtm but your grades were high! Did you potentially not have enough volunteer hours?