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Hi Everyone, I got a 75% on my TEAS V test. I know I needed to get at least 85% on my Teas V score to be competitive on most BSN programs. I found out that West Coast University is now... Read More

  1. by   shauntil07
    Quote from esmeprz
    Hello, I was wondering if those of you who attended WC could please offer feedback. I am hoping to enroll for October but truly need some helpful reviews from current students or grads.

    I am attending in October. I have 2 prereq's classes that I will do through West Coast. Everything else I had transferred over. My debt is wayyyyy less than 100,000. Mine will only be about 30-40k and that's because with financial aid, choosing to pay for my books on my own (instead of through WCU) and taking majority of my pre-nursing classes at community college level, I saved a ton of money.
  2. by   sleepyincalifornia
    Has anyone completed West Coast University RN-BSN online? I am finishing my ADN program soon and looking into WCU online.
  3. by   HAMSAMICH
    Is it just me or does everyone you mention West Coast to do a face cringe?
  4. by   cmaxwell827

    I am applying to WCU Anaheim August start. I am in the middle of figuring out the financial aid. I am very nervous about this kind of debt but i believe this is the best option for me. I don't have any of my general Ed classes done and Community college would take me too long. How do you like WCU so far? Any feed back is great appreciated. Thank you!
  5. by   13grad71
    Yes the community college route would take longer, however it will take way longer for you to pay off your enormous student debt from that private nursing school. So in the end, the community college route offers the fastest route to financial freedom.
  6. by   Béltéfí
    Hi, thank you for posting, I am in the process of getting into west coast university, they say that on the TES V they required a composite score 192. 2 so if I can get a 78% or greater on the test, will I be a good candidate?