Scripps New Grad Nurse Residency 2013 - page 6

Hello fellow new grads! I'm starting this post to round up all the applicants for the 2013 cohort at Scripps in San Diego. I called HR today and they were rather tight-lipped about when the application would post, and was told... Read More

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    I'm with ya. Six months out, volunteering, all the certifications I can practically have, two internships under my belt. Just have to trust God has a plan for us and we will be nurses!

    My status says "Applicant review"

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    last go around when my status changed to applicant review i got an email a couple days later offering me an interview (and i work there now ) i think it is a good thing!
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    Mine hasn't changed either and I got it in at 10:30
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    I'm still at "submission received" and I submitted it at 9 a.m. on the first day.
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    submitted mine at 12:10pm on the first day and my status changed to "applicant review" yesterday. Wishful thinking!
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    I completed my app around 10:30 am the initial day it was up, and my status changed around 2 pm yesterday to "applicant review."
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    Mine was first day too. My friend turned hers in an hour later and is "under review".
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    Mine still says submission received. I got my app in before 9am right after it opened.
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    mines too. I submitted the 5th around 1030. still says submission received.
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    My stauts says applicant review and I finished the whole thing around noon on the 5th I believe.

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