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Near Future: ED, Future Future: ACNP!
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ExPharmaGirl is a BSN, RN and specializes in Near Future: ED, Future Future: ACNP!.

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  1. ExPharmaGirl

    What age did you complete your BSN or ASN?

    BS in Criminal Justice, 22; Masters in Forensic Science, 24; BSN, 36
  2. I received a call today for a new grad position with TVH (I can't even remember when my interview was). I have already moved out of state for a job though. Rest assured they are still contacting people!
  3. I got tired of waiting and competing with a gazillion people. I got a job out of state!!
  4. ExPharmaGirl

    Can an RN work as a CNA?

    Just keep in mind you may have a hard time getting hired since they know you will take the first RN job that comes along.
  5. ExPharmaGirl

    Does SDSU have an ABSN program?

    I believe it failed to become accredited a couple of years ago so they did away with it.
  6. ExPharmaGirl

    Can an RN work as a CNA?

    Good luck to you! :)
  7. ExPharmaGirl

    Can an RN work as a CNA?

    Yes, you can. I know of a couple that do. You cannot work as an LVN, but you can work as a CNA. You are still held to the standards of your highest license though.
  8. This thread kind of died! Anyone hear anything?
  9. ExPharmaGirl

    Scripps new grad program summer 2013

    You posted in a new grad thread for Scripps new grad program! You will probably find the info you seek if you start a thread in the California forum asking that question :)
  10. ExPharmaGirl

    Scripps new grad program summer 2013

    It's $36 for Scripps for a NG BSN. Night shift is a $4/hr diff. Unless they lowered the pay from the last cohort...
  11. ExPharmaGirl

    Sharp New Grad Program Summer 2013

    I've heard they only consider your second choice if your first choice program gets canceled. I never heard from my second choice last time around. Of course they never bothered to tell me I didn't get the job I interviewed for either.
  12. Not a panel. 2 people separately.
  13. Will know in 3-4 weeks. They said they are interviewing a lot of people, although they didn't give me a number.
  14. I'm not sure how I feel about how the interview was. You know when you just can't read someone?
  15. ExPharmaGirl

    Scripps new grad program summer 2013

    This is my second time.
  16. ExPharmaGirl

    Scripps new grad program summer 2013

    Mine does too. I submitted at 9:06. I know I was part of the first 500. I think they might not have liked my talentmine score or I was missing some key words in my app (they probably do an initial keyword scan). Same thing happened to me last time.