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Hello everyone, I'd like to start this thread for fall 12 cohort. I'm from Bay area and planning to apply nursing program at RCC. I've read that the application should be available on Jan 03, but I couldnt find it. I did emailed... Read More

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    The program is really good with the new nursing school building and all the state of the art simulations, practice labs, computer rooms. The instructors are all top notch, very practiced and knowledgeable. There are many classmates of mine that travel from good distances, couple even from northern cal. Some have relocated and some make the commute. I am sure you will figure out the easiest way for you to attend.
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    I have also applied for the fall 2012 program... It is driving me nuts just waiting around I hope they start sending out emails soon. I just want to know one way or another :/
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    I was invited to take the TEAS next week. Since I had already taken it, I declined. With that said, that means they still have to give points to people who haven't take it yet. That will take a few weeks. So I bet we will receive something by the end of May

    Ugh soooo lonnnnnnnnnnnng.
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    Hi Phoenix! I'm a recent RCC graduate and I've had a chance to see the new facility; it's gorgeous! Good luck with your admission.
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    aw thanks!i have a question though. when did you graduate and did you find a job easily for being a RCC grad?
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    I graduated December 2011 and took my boards in January. It is very difficult for new grads to find jobs right now, RCC included (I don't know if it's easier for RCC grads over other schools, though). I count myself fortunate to have gotten one. I don't know how many of my classmates have jobs at this point, but if I had to guess I would guess 1/2 to 2/3 of the class.
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    Oh wow. You meant recent! Lol Congrats on graduating! Oh those numbers are WAAAY better than the ones I would have thought. I heard that RCC has an excellent reputation with that nearby hospitals which is why I asked about the new grad situation. Fortunately, I already work as a CNA at hospital, so I hope that would boost my chances up. Was their program difficult? I am still waiting to hear from BSN programs, which I prefer to get into over ADN, but I did apply to ADNs as back up. This is the best ADN program I applied to and I think I have good chances of getting in. My worry is about getting a job after graduation, which is why I asked you about it.

    I still wont hear from them until the end of the month or possibly next month. So I wont know I am in until the summer.
    Anyway, thank your for your time coming on here. If I have any more questions, I shall let you know!
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    You're very welcome. Good luck!
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    Hey there! I also applied to RCC with 85 points I believe.

    I hope we hear soon....
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    Has anyone heard anything yet? I am starting to get so anxious. I am such a planner and not know what my future holds is driving me NUTS. Hopefully we will know soon. Did anyone get an invatation to take the TEAS at RCC? When was it?

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