Rady Children's New Grad Nursing Program 2013

  1. Has the hospital closed the application for the new grad nurse program for this coming July? I thought the application was supposed to open in March, and now the website says that the application was open in February?

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  3. by   Nurse_

    The Residency is for genuine new graduate Registered Nurses - those who have less than 6 months of nursing experience, and who have graduated from an accredited nursing program with either a BSN or an MSN within the past 18 months (or will graduate by June 2013). At this time, we are not offering training programs for experienced, non-pediatric nurses who wish to transition into acute care Pediatrics, although we do anticipate such a program later in this year. We do not hire New Grad RNs outside of the Residency.
    ]We are frequently asked the questions below:
    ]What can I do to increase my chances of being considered?
    Having experience in pediatrics as a nursing assistant or a nurse extern is helpful. BSN and MSN graduates only will be considered. It is also helpful to already have BLS, NRP, and/or PALS - depending on the area where you're interested in working. Involvement in a professional organization reflecting the area of interest is also valuable. Please be aware that positions in our New Grad RN Residency Program are very limited, and since we receive an extremely large number of applicants, unfortunately we are unable to interview every applicant.
    ]Can I receive a tour of the hospital?
    We are sorry, but we are unable to fulfill New Grad tour requests at this time. If you are granted an interview, you should be able to receive a mini-tour from the department leadership at the time of your interview. Unfortunately, we are also unable to accommodate requests for job shadowing opportunities.
    ]Do I need reference letters?
    ]Any recommendation or reference letters can be brought to the interview, they should be addressed to " To Whom It May Concern". Most candidates have two to three references letters. Selected applicants will be asked to complete an essay prior to being scheduled for an interview.
    ]Must I have my California RN License before I apply?
    ]No, but it would be expected that you would have it before your start date.
  4. by   snfairfax
    Thank you! Their application for their summer nurse residency program opens march 11!
  5. by   blueorchid981
    What time is it supposed to post? I don't see it posted online yet???
  6. by   Nurse_
    It's already posted.
  7. by   Meriwhen
    Quote from Nurse_
    It's already posted.
    And it closes on Friday, March 15...so all of you looking to apply, DO NOT WAIT. Depending on how many applications they get, the posting may not even stay up until Friday.

    Best of luck to all of you who are applying!
  8. by   blueorchid981
    I see it now and I just applied, thanks!
  9. by   snfairfax
    Good luck to everyone! Where is everyone from? I'm applying all the way from Virginia!
  10. by   californiarnbsn
    I just applied. Good Luck Everyone!
  11. by   RNinC
    I'm bummed. I've been out longer than 18 months (for ADN) and I won't graduate with my BSN until the fall. So I miss out on this round.

    Good luck everyone!
  12. by   Janerooo
    Good luck everyone! I just applied this morning.
  13. by   sd688
    I applied today. Good luck everyone
  14. by   Culli005
    I also applied. I am going to graduating from and ADN program. I know it says BSN, but I will keep my fingers crossed. What unit did you apply for?