Rady Children's New Grad Nursing Program 2013

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I also applied. I am going to graduating from and ADN program. I know it says BSN, but I will keep my fingers crossed. What unit did you apply for?


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Has anyone applied to Rady before/ know how when we should expect to hear something?


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I just noticed the new update on Rady's new grad website. We'll be contacted within the next 2 weeks to submit an essay if we're moving on to the next round of selection. Good luck everyone!

Just curious, did Rady cancel their residency program last summer? If so, could it be possible that they'll be hiring a large cohort of new grads this time around? *crossing fingers*


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Anybody received the invitation to submit an essay?


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I did


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I haven't heard anything! Have you?


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I received the email this morning--which I found odd since it was sent Sunday morning 7am! I'm sure there are multiple recruiters working on it and will be sending more emails out this coming week! Watch your inbox and good luck! ;)


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Yay jollybnurse!! Good luck !! May I ask if you are from San Diego? Curious if they even look at apps from other cities...


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I'm from Sacramento...I'm glad the recruiters are considering externals and outside San Diego area! There's hope for us :)


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still waiting to hear from them, so nervous now that people have gotten emails! for those who have gotten an email, can you tell us about your qualifications?


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This is pretty ridiculous, but I accidentally deleted the email from **** about the essay. Then (on my tablet) I tried to access it and move it to my inbox from the trash, deleting the email permanently. Can someone PM the directions in the email again?? Please. I already downloaded the essay prompt, luckily, so I do not need that info. I want to send in my essay following the directions exactly. I would greatly appreciate it.


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I didn't get the email. :/

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