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  1. californiarnbsn

    New to CVICU

    Hello! I am a newly licensed nurse and just got offered a job in the CVICU. I have had prior ICU experience but wondering if their is anything I could do to help myself in this unit. Does anyone have any good books or classes that I could take or things that I should study prior to my first day? I'm really excited to start and I want to make sure that I am prepared in my first day. Any advice from CVICU nurse would be great! Thanks
  2. californiarnbsn

    CHLA RN Residency September 2013

    I applied to NICU/PICU. I know the email said to give our top choice I just wrote it one the paper that we have to turn in I didn't email back. They didn't really make it clear in the email. Hopefully that works. Good Luck everyone!
  3. californiarnbsn

    New Grad Lay Offs :[

    Thank You! I just had an interview with a neighboring hospital in the CVICU. I believe it went well and literally minutes after getting out of that one I got a call from a hospital that I had actually volunteered for after nursing school when i first was looking for my first job. That one is for a Telemetry position. I'm so happy that something is finally coming my way after all of this and so excited for what the future has for me. My nursing career is just beginning and i'm glad i am going to be able to get past this.
  4. californiarnbsn

    Rady Children's New Grad Nursing Program 2013

    I just applied. Good Luck Everyone!
  5. californiarnbsn

    What are the trainings and seminar for ICU nurses?

    I actually started off in the ICU as a new grad. I took ACLS, PALS, BLS, Cardiac Pharmacology, Vent Management, EKG/Pharmacology, and IV Start. I also did my preceptorship in the ICU so that helped too. I'd just try to find anything that'll help you for this unit. Even a time management course would help.
  6. californiarnbsn

    New Grad Lay Offs :[

    So ive been in an ICU for 6 months now, but my manager called me in one day and gave me the grim news that i was being laid off . I never knew i was going to be laid off, but here i am. . This sucks a lot. I do have some money saved up to last me, but its only a temporary fix. Its hard to think that i am considered to be unemployed now. Now im back to applying for jobs. . I've picked up an on call CCT job with a local ambulance company but unfortunately its paid per call and its not enough as what I was getting working in the ICU. I've continued to apply to other hospitals all over california and it has help a bit with my experience to the point where I am getting calls from nurse recruiters. The only problem now is that I don't qualify for ICU positions since I don't have the 2-3yrs experience and non critical care units wont take me as "I am trained in such a critical/specialized field". I'm hoping something comes up soon but in the mean time what else can I do? Any advice would be helpful.
  7. californiarnbsn

    Should I quit my ICU job?

    how did that go for you? I am a new grad in the ICU that's experiencing a similar situation and feel like it's holding me back and possibly jeopardizing my job. I feel like I'm alone and I am working so hard not to fail and sink in this unit. it has been my dream to work in this unit and I really don't want this to prevent me from growing as an icu nurse. any advice?
  8. californiarnbsn

    Little Company of Mary Torrance 2012

    The only advice i have is to come prepared for your interview, Stay Confident, Relax and Be Yourself! They are very welcoming to all new grads. From the others I've talked too it seems to be the same in every unit. They really do want you to succeed! Good Luck to you! :]
  9. californiarnbsn

    New Grad RN - ICU

    Thank You so much for providing your experiences! I'm pretty excited to get started. From your experiences have you found any books or other study materials that have helped you out along the way? and the AACN course is that something that I could do now or do I have to already have hours working on the unit first?
  10. californiarnbsn

    West coast university BSN vs Cypress College ADN

    I went to WCU and enjoyed their program. It is expensive compared to others but I feel like it was well worth it. They also have a Sim Lab which some schools do not have that alone is one major benefit to the program. Even though it was the most nerve wracking experiences to go through i truly learned the most from each time I went through them. Since it is a newer school the reputation is still growing. The reviews you hear about it are mostly written by students who actually failed out or didn't keep up with paperwork. The thing with WCU is that you have to be able to study very well. It is an accelerated program and you must be able to keep up with the pace in order to survive. It gets hard at times but there are so many programs the school offers plus other students who are willing to help your succeed. You just have to use them and keep up on everything yourself. I had an awesome time there and I would suggest it if you are confident that you can keep up and are able to ask lots of questions!
  11. californiarnbsn

    How tough is Pharmacology?

    I had a rough time during pharmacology. I always got the classes confused and it was really hard for me to stuff all that information into my head along with all my other nursing classes. What we did in my class was make flash cards for each of the different classes of drugs as well as for specific medications. That helped me a bit as i was able to focus on the most important aspects of each medication. Also being able to use them on the floor during your clinical helped me understand them more. I was more of a visual learner so i purchased a little pharmacology flip book with helpful mnemonics to help me memorize the information. I still have difficulty with the subject even after graduating but from every nurse i've talked to the more you work with the medications the more you'll learn them and they will become easy. My suggestion is to work on a few at a time and remember the most common side effects. It is hard for some people just keep up with your studying and make sure you use the right tools for your learning style. You will get through it! and don't be afraid to ask questions!
  12. californiarnbsn

    REALLY need help: How do I stay awake during class?

    My classes 5 hours long so i definitely understand where you are coming from as far as getting tired and sleepy in class. I too had resorted to coffee during school to keep me awake. What I did was go to bed a lot earlier like 8 or 9 since my classes started at 7am. Also bring water with you to keep yourself hydrated. I had even wrote my notes in different colors to make it more fun and engage my creativity side so that I wasn't just sitting and listening to long lectures. During breaks i made sure to walk and stretch so i could get the blood flowing. Its different for everyone I've noticed but those few changes truly helped me get through those long classes.
  13. californiarnbsn

    Nursing question

    I graduated from West Coast. I enjoyed my time there and felt that it had prepared me pretty well for the nursing field. If you are a student that goes over and beyond just homework assignments and can study on your own I say west coast is a good option. It is expensive so you gotta keep that in mind too. Overall I liked it and wouldn't have changed my decision to go there after looking back.
  14. californiarnbsn

    Reference book for new grad in the ICU

    What's Portable RN?
  15. californiarnbsn

    Little Company of Mary Torrance 2012

    I got my call Thursday afternoon don't remember specifically what time but i had my interview Monday. Was a very quick phone call as he had a meeting with other managers. I know that he's making calls as soon as the managers send him names so don't worry. I read on FB that someone called him recently about ICU to ask and he will be making phone calls over the weekend so be ready for a phone call. I'm sure you'll hear back soon. If not try giving him a call.