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so nursing school is over. my lvn program was brutal, but i managed to graduate with honors, pass the nclex, and guess what? after hundreds of applications to various facilties (snf, ltc, acute care, home health, schools, city... Read More

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    Thank you, didnt get the job at the jail, it was a group interview and 4 other people have many years of experience...I am to the point of giving up and just focus on working as a tech while getting my RN...but Its kind of scary to think that once I get my RN Lic, job will be available either!!!!!!

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    Why is the SF job market so tight for nurses? I've noticed this a lot on these boards. There must be a lot of nursing schools in the area or something? Where I live, a nurse can always find a job somewhere.
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    its the same here in Arizona, its difficult to get a job as a nurse unless your allready working in a facility where there's an opening...Where do you live? may be I should move there to start using my nursing skills into practice...
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    I'm in western Michigan. Here, LTC facilities are always hiring new grad LPNs. County jails and state prisons, too. My advice to any new grad is to check your state's "state jobs" website. You'd be surprised how many LPN jobs there are in state governments. I've looked around and I always see LPN postings in such state facilities as prisons, psych hospitals and veterans nursing homes.
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    In fact, I just went to the state of California website, and they are hiring LVNs at a prison in Solano county. Isn't that by San Francisco? And the pay looks to be 3,000 a month, that's not too bad.
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    SF is difficult to get a job in because there are only so many facilities with so many positions. Most positions are filled by nurses with outstanding records who have held those positions for years and who intend to keep those jobs until they are lowered into the grave. A good deal of this situation has to do with the desirability of the Bay area. Everyone wants to live and work there. No one wants to leave unless they find themselves without a job and no way to support the SF lifestyle. Big bucks for a place to live. You can't live there without a good paying job or two.
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    Just dont move to Texas...everyone seems to mention Texas as booming for nursing...xxxx wrong the job market sucks here as well even for us experienced RN's
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    Moved to CA Nursing forum.
    Hope something opens up for you soon, OP.
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    Try home health, I'm pretty sure Health Link Home Health Agency (San Francisco) is still hiring LVN new grads right now, the pay is lower but ya gotta start somewhere! Good luck to you! Don't give up! I graduated from my LVN school in 2009 started at SNF & did home health on the side.Just recently I got hired at Laguna Honda Hospital in SF (I applied 4 times) so it pays to be relentless
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    Hi Hanna0225....How is the workload like at Laguna Honda so far? Please share! Thanks=)

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