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gfrivera89 has 7 years experience as a LVN, RN.

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  1. Anyone apply to the VA RN NEW GRAD PROGRAM for PALO ALTO, LIVERMORE, or MENLO PARK and heard anything back yet? I just received an email that I was selected to move forward in the process and that my application has been sent to the hiring manager.
  2. gfrivera89

    Antelope Valley Hospital (Lancaster, CA)

    Hello Meeshell, I recently had an interview with the hospital. Just a few questions for you: 1. What department or position were you hired into? 2. How do you like the hospital/department? 3. Are you from the area or relocated there? I am looking at safe neighborhoods for families 4. What was your starting pay? 5. How long after interviewing/background check did you start training there? Feel free to email me as well at gfrivera89@aol.com if you want to private message me this info I would greatly appreciate it.
  3. I also applied to both and got the same email about a week or so ago from vancouver location. I also received an email today from springfield location that I was selected for an interview and that they are still waiting to find out available times to offer for appointments and that it will be held over microsoft teams.
  4. gfrivera89

    Oregon License by Endorsement

    I have applied to and submitted my transcripts. The state I live in does not use NURSYS so have to send Oregon my RN license verification from my boards. Does anyone know if they accept electronic licensure verification or if it has to be mailed to them?
  5. gfrivera89

    Kaweah Delta

    I received an email that they really enjoyed meeting with me and that they are finishing up virtual interviews by June 5 and will be reaching out to everybody after that. That was a week or two ago haven’t heard anything yet.
  6. gfrivera89

    Kaweah Delta

    Oh OK. I actually would prefer time to relocated like around July or August.
  7. gfrivera89

    Kaweah Delta

    That is not bad at all. And I would prefer to stay in the area for atleast a few years or longer if selected. Do you know when the new grad programs start? Some places start 2-3 times during the year.
  8. gfrivera89

    Kaweah Delta

    Thank you for the info. Do you know what starting pay the offer for new grads or does it depend on the unit? Looking to get into labor and delivery and post partum since that is what unit I did my senior preceptorship. Also no sure if the residency is 1 year or if you have a contract after for another year or two.
  9. gfrivera89

    Child Care Center for Children with Medical Needs

    Yes it will be a long haul and am the only one i am aware of in my area that wants to pursue this. So im all scrambled...
  10. gfrivera89

    Child Care Center for Children with Medical Needs

    yes i am looking to open this type of daycare. but after researching for a few months now, i don't know how to get started with this.
  11. I am strongly interested in opening a day care center for children who have medical needs ( diabetic, g-tube, trach care.). I receive request from parents asking if i am able to care for their children with these needs while they are working and i would like to open a center for parents to bring there children to be cared for since they cannot bring them to an ordinary child care center. I live in the bay area of california.
  12. gfrivera89

    Newly Licensed LVN in the SF Bay Area and I can't find a job!

    Did you get the lvn postion at PAMF? What was the testing like?
  13. gfrivera89

    Applying to Kaiser Permanente

    Did you have any luck?
  14. gfrivera89

    LVN to RN Programs Bay Area

    Have been doing so much research the last year for LVN to RN schools and cant filter out what is accurate or not. Need advice on LVN to RN then BSN schools in the bay area. I am currently a working LVN taking my prerequisites at Los Medanos college for free (rather than paying a large amount to do it at a private school). My initial intentions were to complete my prerequisites at los medanos college then enter into their lottery system for the RN program, but that is the thing. It is a lottery system and I could be waiting years. ive looked into Unitek ( where I havent heard too many good things about besides their accelerated 8 or 9 month program with prerequisites finished) . would really like to attend samuel merritt, which you are encouraged to join their connected colleges (mills college, one in benicia, holy names (who is not accepting lvns at the moment). not sure where to go at this point. Just know I wanted to save money by completing my prerequisites atleast at a community college.
  15. gfrivera89

    Patient Care Technician interview at Kaiser

    That is what assumed too but the recruiter kept stating over and over that it doesnt matter who you know, even if your whole family works at kaiser, you still have to go through the same process as everyone else. Find that a lil hard to believe because that has to give you a little bump up.
  16. gfrivera89

    Patient Care Technician interview at Kaiser

    I was contacted by phone by a recruiter and was told my resume would be forwarded directly to the hiring manager for the department looking for employees. So far I still have not been contacted past that. I have been applying to Kaiser for over 5 years. I spoke with a recruiter who told me not to apply to any positions Kaiser lists until I have looked over every single qualification requirement that they request for the position and if I dont fit them all, then dont apply because i dont qualify.

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