Rio Salado HCR 240 Human Pathophysiology

  1. Greetings everyone,

    I am considering taking HCR240 online with Rio Salado as I have read good things about the class on here. I was looking at their syllabus tonight and there are several chapters expected to be covered each week. Can any current or former students of this class elaborate on how to cover 4-6 chapters in one week? Are powerpoints provided that the quiz material comes from? It looks like the class is all quizzes and essays and a final exam. Any advice or input you could provide to help me decide whether to take this class with them is greatly appreciated.

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  3. by   missyt439
    I took it Fall 2016 and I thought it was fairly easy. The teacher was somewhat lax in the fact that the due dates were not enforced. With the exception of the syllabus needing to be signed by a certain date to confirm starting the course, the rest of the assignments were due by the end of the 8 weeks. I persoanlly liked that for the shear fact that I could hammer out as much or as little as I could cram in. I will also be honest and say that I did not read every word of every chapter. I tend to read major parts, retain what I can, then review questions, summarizing what I know and go back and read with any questions I might have. The teacher I had was very receptive, answered questions and graded assignments quickly and was always happy to offer advice if needed.
  4. by   futureepinurse
    When I took it over the summer we did not have PowerPoints to consult. The book and outside sources were what we used to answer essay questions. And quiz and final exam questions were taken from textbook reading!
  5. by   Darveaux5
    I am taking the course right now. I find it to be pretty easy. I only read the parts of the book that are important(you will know what is important). The essays are pretty easy and quizzes are not timed and so you can use the book. Someone made an error and allowed me to enroll in the class without bio201 and 202. So I went into this class kind of blind but some how I have a 98%. I would say take it online you will be glad you did.
  6. by   Apple-Core
    I took it - it was easy