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  1. THIS IS NOT A DEBATE TO WHETHER YOU SHOULD OR SHOULDN'T GET THE VACCINE!!! I know that some people do not want to get the vaccine or be forced to do so. Also a lot of nurses are quitting or being fired (for not getting vaccinated) and people are...
  2. BIO 201 @ Rio Salado

    NO I can because they have block schedules and the class is only offered in 16 weeks and so it wont be over before the block ends. it ends dec 30th i think.
  3. BIO 201 @ Rio Salado

    Thats why im considering it because I have 3 very little kids/toddler i stay home with. So my time is very limited. im annoyed that they dont offer it in an 8 week version like they do with 202. I would love to bust out 201 and 202 in the same semest...
  4. Rio Salado HCR 240 Human Pathophysiology

    I am taking the course right now. I find it to be pretty easy. I only read the parts of the book that are important(you will know what is important). The essays are pretty easy and quizzes are not timed and so you can use the book. Someone made an er...
  5. BIO 201 @ Rio Salado

    Has anyone taken bio 201 or 202 online at rio salado? Thoughts? Easier? Harder? What was the class like? Did you have to take exams in person or online?
  6. ASU Post-Baccalaureate BSN 2018 - Welcome

    Hey thanks again. I'm weighing my option as to what the best route is for me.
  7. ASU Post-Baccalaureate BSN 2018 - Welcome

    Thank you for the response. Is it tje same amount of competitive as the regular bsn program?
  8. ASU post bachelorette program??

    Can someone explain how this works?
  9. ASU Post-Baccalaureate BSN 2018 - Welcome

    Hi can anyone explain how this program works? I have a BA from asu.
  10. Gcu nursing program

    Does anyone know how competitive the gcu nursing program is?
  11. Gcu mccc cep

    Is anyone doimg the master program at gcu and a mccc? I have a previous BA. Im deciding between the BSN or the Masters. Any insight?
  12. Mccc rn class schedules?

    looking for what some examples of what times and days the traditional, afternoons, night programs look like. Thank you
  13. CEP school choices?

    But if you go to NAU the other prerequisites say they count in the gpa. So wouldn't that count towards my gpa at the mccc? Or am i mistaken?
  14. CEP school choices?

    Thank you very much. That was very informative. So i agree the 2 that don't work with financial aid are out I love asu but the vist is high. I like the cost of NAU but yes tge extra classes are unfortunately. For me though i need exra classes beca...
  15. CEP school choices?

    Hey thanks :) I edited to be more clear. I have been looking into CEP and now I'm trying to decide which schools i want to do. Looking for peoples thouvhys on why or why not to choose a certain school :)