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  1. missyt439

    Maricopa CEP (Summer 2019 Start)

    CGCC/GCU...86 points. Good luck to all!! Less than one week for acceptance letters to start going out!
  2. missyt439

    Maricopa CEP Fall 2018

    At least for block one, the schedule mostly ranges from 2-3 nights per week (5/5:30 to 9/9:30), then Saturday lab all day 8-4:30. Near the end of the semester when clinicals start, the lab day goes away and clinicals are either on Saturdays or Sundays, with a couple Thursday simulation option days. The instructors are fair and to the point. They care, but also expect only the best from their students. (It's nursing school, so it isn't easy!!) Feel free to message me on here or send me an email missy439 at hotmail and I am happy to send a copy of the schedule to give you an idea or to go into further detail. Good luck!!
  3. missyt439

    Current RN pay scale?

    Can't comment as I have no clue...but saw your name and am assuming you are from AZ?!?! I am currently in AZ hoping to move to Montana once I have completed nursing school :)
  4. missyt439

    Rio Salado HCR 240 Human Pathophysiology

    I took the course last summer...assuming things have not changed, you do not need the online access code. An older text will be just fine and for most of the work I used other previous course texts (A&P, micro,etc) for my references and citations. Take a breather...the class was fairly easy, just time consuming with some basic research and writing.
  5. missyt439

    LPN vs. RN

    Arizona is a bit odd; unfortunately, there are huge waits for both on the plus side, of you get your LPN (two semesters) you can transition to a BSN within community colleges or universities with ease and finish the last two semesters.
  6. missyt439

    LPN vs. RN

    Where do you live? If you haven't already, you may want to look in to central Az college. It's in Coolidge, so it's out of the phx area, but if you live on the east side, it's closer than some of the west side options. And, they don't have a wait!!!
  7. missyt439

    LPN vs. RN

    I can see that you are in AZ, so you have some great options!! I am also in AZ, so I understand what you are going through. In my opinion, its all about timing and money. Yes, EVIT is expensive, but I have heard they have a great program and there is no wait. CC is cheap in comparison, but the wait is ridiculous!! If you can afford the EVIT route, I would say go for it. In Az, once you get your LPN, you can easily advance to the CC LPN to RN program for block 3 and 4 and complete your RN. If you are set on getting your BSN, all of the Maricopa CC's offer a CEP option so you can obtain your ASN from them and your BSN from a cooperating school; many to choose from. I am actually looking in to EVIT because I could start next semester rather than waiting the 2-3 years on the waitlist.
  8. missyt439

    Maricopa CEP wait time?

    I was just accepted and will be starting my blocks this fall. Although with each semester things are changing, 20 points seems to put you in a good spot for acceptance. This was the first time I had applied for CEP (but I have been on the traditional waitlist since Sept 2016) and I got in to my first choice (Gateway evenings). It will always be very dependent upon what the other applicants also have, but this past round it seems people with as low as 16 or 17 points got accepted at certain locations. Good luck!!!
  9. missyt439

    UIU CEP (hybrid) questions

    Currently, the additional UIU pre-reqs are CIS 105, a public speaking course (COM 225 or 281), a social science course and an arts/humanities course. I would recommend checking out the CEP website. The requirements are listed in each schools brochure. As for the hybrid course times, they can fluctuate. In the past their were multiple options. One of my friends was able to choose a daytime or evening option for her most recent course (both were offered one day per week for a few hours)
  10. missyt439

    HCR 240 prerequisite

    I took HCR 240 before completing micro...the pre-req for HCR 240 is EITHER Bio 202 or Bio 205, but not both. I was able to enroll easily in it, but I had to phone Rio to enroll so that they were able to confirm my transcripts were sent I took the pre-req (you cant enroll via their website for the class, you have to call their registration line).
  11. missyt439

    Rio Salado HCR 240 Human Pathophysiology

    When I took it, everything was online...exams were not procured and were taken from the comfort of my own home. The course was writing extensive and in my opinion a lot of "busy work" essays.
  12. missyt439

    Maricopa CEP Fall 2018

    Once your background check has been completed through castlebrach, you will eventually receive more instructions on uploading all needed documentation into castlebrach.
  13. missyt439

    Rio Salado HCR 240 Human Pathophysiology

    You may also want to go and relook at the website...it appears that people from any county within Arizona actually pay the in county (maricop) tuition because of an reciprocity agreement. It is below the tuition chart next to the first asterisk. I am unable to cut and paste the link, but it looks like you would actually pay the cheaper price :)
  14. missyt439

    Rio Salado HCR 240 Human Pathophysiology

    Cost is relative...although I am a maricopa resident, I have taken other courses online from other community colleges that were more costly because they fit into my schedule. For example, I ended up taking my BIO 182 and microbiology courses online through Germanna community college and Colby community college...cost was roughly $300 per credit; but at the time no other online options were available and I was working 2 jobs and going to school. The cost for the convienience of online class was worth it for me.
  15. missyt439

    Maricopa CEP Fall 2018

    I was accepted in to the Gateway Evening and FPU program!! Yay!!! As a side note, for anyone else accepted into the evening Gateway program, I started a Facebook page to allow us to communicate "Gateway RN Evening Cohort 2020"