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  1. araew2129

    Pima Community College Fall 2019

    I have been able to work about 30 hours per week. I know many people in my cohort have continued to work as well. Several are techs in the hospital and working as close to full time as possible (more during breaks, less when close to exams ect). But keep in mind that you will have NO control over your school schedule so work has to be somewhat flexible.
  2. araew2129

    Pima Community College Fall 2019

    Hello! I am actually graduating this May from the PCC ADN program. Only my preceptorship left to complete! I did start the GCU concurrent enrollment but found it nearly impossible to get funding for that program with having a prior bachelor's and found it much more doable to pay out of pocket for just Pima and not Pima and GCU. I do plan to go back for the NAU MSN in about a year or two, after completing a New Grad Residency program. Congrats on being accepted! It is a lot of work, but so worth it!
  3. araew2129

    Pima Community College Fall 2019

    I ended up getting a scholarship through pima that paid my normal tuition (not the differential tuition) for this first year. I paid cash for the other costs, which mounted to about $800 per semester not including books/uniforms/stethoscope. You can utilize the payment plan which splits the semester tuition into 3 payments. I had already used up any federal financial aide on my first bacheokrs, but many who do not have prior degrees get enough federal aide to cover the entire cost. It is highly dependent on your situation! P.S. Fingers crossed for you!
  4. araew2129

    Torn Between Nursing Schools

    I dont have any experience directly with ABSN programs as we dont have an option for that in my city (only ADN, BSN, or master's entry). If you are that close to finishing, I would assume that it would be a good idea to finish. If you still had 2 yrs to go, I would say invest that time in the ADN program, but if you are in your last year I would go ahead and finish up while I was making sure I had everything in line to apply to either and ADN or ABSN program.
  5. araew2129

    Torn Between Nursing Schools

    Have you looked into your community colleges? It may take a bit longer but I'm also sure you will get a better education and NOT leave school with tens of thousands in student loans. I am also a non-traditional student, going into nursing from social work. And I am 38 so I understand wanting to be done with the school part and into the career part asap, but being a better, safer and more competent nurse is the highest priority. I chose an ADN program at my community college because it is the best program in my area and ultimately saved me 35k over the MEPN program is was also accepted to. And for-profit schools likely cost at least that much or more! And you wouldn't even walk away with a reputable degree as I would have. 100% consider your other options!
  6. araew2129

    Sonography vs Nursing

    I think a lot depends on your particular job market regarding sonography. But I believe in general a RN will make more money and have a greater field of opportunities.
  7. araew2129

    can I realistically become a nurse?

    I have to agree with the previous poster. Not only is school going to be stressful, but imagine working as a nurse. It would really be a shame to put all the time and money into a school program and not be successful in the career. Perhaps therapy, not just meds, could help?
  8. araew2129


    My school had the same format. General Biology was a prerequisite to A&P and you were expected to know about cells, it was not taught in A&P. I took that prerequisite 15 yrs (!) before I took A&P. I still got an A in the class. You don't really need to know too much in-depth cell info, but you do need the basics (organelles and their functions, cellular division basics, ect). Get your A&P text now and read the chapter(s) on intro to biology and cellular biology (usually the first couple chapters of any A&P text. You should be good to go with just that.
  9. araew2129

    Supplies for A & P 1?

    I discovered recording lectures in a&pII and it was amazing! I would listen to lectures while commuting ect and I retained so much more of the info. I got a cheap recorder off amazon.
  10. araew2129

    Things you wish nursing school would have taught you?

    As a career changer to nursing, after 15 years in social work, I can 100% agree with this. This was what I tried to teach all the baby social workers I was training and the things I hope to bring into my career as a nurse!
  11. araew2129

    Pima Community College Fall 2019

    Yeah, names would help 😁 I'm Amanda.
  12. araew2129

    Pima Community College Fall 2019

    Same here, I looked into it but don't qualify as I already have a bachelor's degree. I applied for all the scholarships pima has listed though 🤣
  13. araew2129

    Pima Community College Fall 2019

    Colivares did you request the evening classes? Also, are you doing the CEP or only the Pima program? Dreamchaser, we have classes together!
  14. araew2129

    Pima Community College Fall 2019

    This is mine!
  15. araew2129

    Pima Community College Fall 2019

    Maybe? What did they say when you were at orientation about receiving schedules? At our orientation she specifically to check our pima emails and we would have an email with our schedule and group assignment, and to go by that. If your instructions at orientation where different (because of not being CEP) then of course go by that! When do you have lecture, skills, ect? Maybe we still have classes together!
  16. araew2129

    Pima Community College Fall 2019

    You should have gotten email with your group assignment and schedule, including LTC placement. The email states to be sure to go to by the schedule contained in the email and NOT MyPima. What are your schedules ?? I'm in group A2.