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  1. araew2129

    ABSN vs MEPN

    I would say that there is not much difference, at least here in AZ. All new grads start at the same pay, regardless of education. When I am done with my current nursing program, I will have an associate of science in nursing and I will start with all the MEPN graduates at the same pay while having paid about 35k less for my degree. In fact, in Tucson the Pima Community College nursing program graduates have a much better reputation in the nursing community than the MEPN students in terms of being better prepared. And some find having a master's degree in an area where you have no real-life experience as an insult (NOT saying I feel that way, but I have heard this from many already in the nursing field). Also, my prior bachelor's degree is in social work and I worked in child welfare for 10 years! Small world. Anyway, for reference, I applied to and was accepted at the Pima nursing program, the MEPN at the UofA, and the traditional BSN program at NAU in Tucson. I ultimately chose the Pima program because of cost (less than 10k vs. 45k and 25k for the others respectively) and the reputation of the Pima program. I know I couple people in the current MEPN cohort and the cohort which just graduated in 2019. I have not heard great things. But, plus side, you do get done quicker. I am very happy with my current choice! Also, I dropped the GCU concurrent enrollment because I found a more affordable option through NAU. After completing my ASN degree through Pima, I plan to pursue the online MSN through NAU which is available to those with a non-nursing bachelor's degree. Good luck in whatever you choose! I also recommend getting started on nursing prerequisites asap. They took my 1.5 yrs, plus the semester of applying to programs, which means there was 2 years between me deciding to go into nursing and actually starting my program.
  2. araew2129

    Torn Between Nursing Schools

    Have you looked into your community colleges? It may take a bit longer but I'm also sure you will get a better education and NOT leave school with tens of thousands in student loans. I am also a non-traditional student, going into nursing from social work. And I am 38 so I understand wanting to be done with the school part and into the career part asap, but being a better, safer and more competent nurse is the highest priority. I chose an ADN program at my community college because it is the best program in my area and ultimately saved me 35k over the MEPN program is was also accepted to. And for-profit schools likely cost at least that much or more! And you wouldn't even walk away with a reputable degree as I would have. 100% consider your other options!
  3. araew2129

    Sonography vs Nursing

    I think a lot depends on your particular job market regarding sonography. But I believe in general a RN will make more money and have a greater field of opportunities.
  4. araew2129

    can I realistically become a nurse?

    I have to agree with the previous poster. Not only is school going to be stressful, but imagine working as a nurse. It would really be a shame to put all the time and money into a school program and not be successful in the career. Perhaps therapy, not just meds, could help?
  5. araew2129


    My school had the same format. General Biology was a prerequisite to A&P and you were expected to know about cells, it was not taught in A&P. I took that prerequisite 15 yrs (!) before I took A&P. I still got an A in the class. You don't really need to know too much in-depth cell info, but you do need the basics (organelles and their functions, cellular division basics, ect). Get your A&P text now and read the chapter(s) on intro to biology and cellular biology (usually the first couple chapters of any A&P text. You should be good to go with just that.
  6. araew2129

    Supplies for A & P 1?

    I discovered recording lectures in a&pII and it was amazing! I would listen to lectures while commuting ect and I retained so much more of the info. I got a cheap recorder off amazon.
  7. araew2129

    Things you wish nursing school would have taught you?

    As a career changer to nursing, after 15 years in social work, I can 100% agree with this. This was what I tried to teach all the baby social workers I was training and the things I hope to bring into my career as a nurse!
  8. araew2129

    Pima Community College Fall 2019

    Yeah, names would help I'm Amanda.
  9. araew2129

    Pima Community College Fall 2019

    Same here, I looked into it but don't qualify as I already have a bachelor's degree. I applied for all the scholarships pima has listed though
  10. araew2129

    Pima Community College Fall 2019

    Colivares did you request the evening classes? Also, are you doing the CEP or only the Pima program? Dreamchaser, we have classes together!
  11. araew2129

    Pima Community College Fall 2019

    This is mine!
  12. araew2129

    Pima Community College Fall 2019

    Maybe? What did they say when you were at orientation about receiving schedules? At our orientation she specifically to check our pima emails and we would have an email with our schedule and group assignment, and to go by that. If your instructions at orientation where different (because of not being CEP) then of course go by that! When do you have lecture, skills, ect? Maybe we still have classes together!
  13. araew2129

    Pima Community College Fall 2019

    You should have gotten email with your group assignment and schedule, including LTC placement. The email states to be sure to go to by the schedule contained in the email and NOT MyPima. What are your schedules ?? I'm in group A2.
  14. araew2129

    Direct-entry MSN

    Not all MEPN programs are for advanced practice. The one local to me is more like an ABSN program, completed in 15 months and allows to sit for the NCLEX. You would then have to enter the DNP program to continue on for NP school.
  15. araew2129

    Kicked out of BSN program in final semester

    Have you looked into ADN programs near you? That would be the quickest and cheapest route, most likely. Alternatively, you could consult an academic advisor at your current school, see if you may get a bachelor's in anything else relatively quickly and then look into ABSN or MEPN programs.
  16. araew2129

    Patho online

    Rio Salado has an online patho class. I have heard both good and bad, but it might a good "get your feet wet" kind of patho class. I've also heard the book Pathophysiology Made Incredibly Easy is a good resource.

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