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araew2129 has 1 years experience as a ADN and specializes in MSICU.

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  1. What? "50% of those caught in abortions..." What does that mean??
  2. araew2129

    Second career nurse? Accelerated BSN. Need advice.

    If you will always wonder, I say go for it! I also second the recommendation to look into community colleges or state universities. Don't go into crazy amounts of debt because all new nurses start at the same level.
  3. araew2129

    Please help! Which job offer should I take???

    I think it would be easier to work on an internal transfer from med-surg to an ICU at your local hospital rather than to apply externally with some PCU experience from a different hospital system.
  4. araew2129

    HELP: Deciding between MSN, ADN, or BSN

    I personally chose to complete an ADN program first. I was accepted to MEPN, BSN and ADN programs but, as a second degree student, I had to pay out-of-pocket for my degree so the ADN just made the most sense. I was hired into an ICU without any issue...
  5. araew2129

    help understanding offers etc

    I was simply upfront by saying I had another interview coming up and asked for some time to decide. I was told that I could take the time but they would not hold the specific position I was being offered (so I would have to choose from what was open ...
  6. araew2129

    When to get first schedule?? First Job Ever!!

    I emailed my recruiter and asked about shadowing in my unit prior to starting. This was not an option, unfortunately, but I was offered a meeting with my director and nurse educator, which I jumped at. In the meeting I asked about schedules and was g...
  7. araew2129

    Graduation, NCLEX, Job Timeframe

    @mc156 yes it does. AZ requires us to apply for our license from the BON, send in our fingerprints for clearance, and pay for the NCLEX from Pearson Vue all before graduating. Then the school sent our verification of graduation and we were given ATT....
  8. araew2129

    Graduation, NCLEX, Job Timeframe

    This is dependent on area and even hospital system. In my area 2 of the hospital systems have set start dates for their new grad residencies which are about 2 months after graduation, and the other 2 hospital systems have rolling start dates for new ...
  9. araew2129

    Pima Community College Fall 2019

    I have been able to work about 30 hours per week. I know many people in my cohort have continued to work as well. Several are techs in the hospital and working as close to full time as possible (more during breaks, less when close to exams ect). But ...
  10. araew2129

    Pima Community College Fall 2019

    Hello! I am actually graduating this May from the PCC ADN program. Only my preceptorship left to complete! I did start the GCU concurrent enrollment but found it nearly impossible to get funding for that program with having a prior bachelor's an...
  11. araew2129

    Pima Community College Fall 2019

    I ended up getting a scholarship through pima that paid my normal tuition (not the differential tuition) for this first year. I paid cash for the other costs, which mounted to about $800 per semester not including books/uniforms/stethoscope. You can ...
  12. araew2129

    Torn Between Nursing Schools

    I dont have any experience directly with ABSN programs as we dont have an option for that in my city (only ADN, BSN, or master's entry). If you are that close to finishing, I would assume that it would be a good idea to finish. If you still had 2 yrs...
  13. araew2129

    ABSN vs MEPN

    I would say that there is not much difference, at least here in AZ. All new grads start at the same pay, regardless of education. When I am done with my current nursing program, I will have an associate of science in nursing and I will start with al...
  14. araew2129

    Torn Between Nursing Schools

    Have you looked into your community colleges? It may take a bit longer but I'm also sure you will get a better education and NOT leave school with tens of thousands in student loans. I am also a non-traditional student, going into nursing from social...
  15. araew2129

    Sonography vs Nursing

    I think a lot depends on your particular job market regarding sonography. But I believe in general a RN will make more money and have a greater field of opportunities.