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  1. TrustyJ

    Just got an acceptance letter...

    I am not a part of your group but wanted to reply on here to give you a big congratulations! I want to wish you well on your journey. Make the most of it.
  2. TrustyJ

    BIO 201 @ Rio Salado

    I am taking BIO 202 at PVCC currently and my lab partner took 202 at Rio Salado and said she failed miserably hence taking it at PVCC now. I have heard that both math and science classes are the most difficult to take online. I would suggest taking the class in person at a MCC campus if your schedule permits it.
  3. Greetings everyone, I am considering taking HCR240 online with Rio Salado as I have read good things about the class on here. I was looking at their syllabus tonight and there are several chapters expected to be covered each week. Can any current or former students of this class elaborate on how to cover 4-6 chapters in one week? Are powerpoints provided that the quiz material comes from? It looks like the class is all quizzes and essays and a final exam. Any advice or input you could provide to help me decide whether to take this class with them is greatly appreciated. Joe

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