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New grad pay

  1. 0 Hi All!

    I was just offered a job with Banner Good Sam on one of their med/surg floors as a new grad. They want me to come in to HR next week to finish all the new employee paperwork. When they told me I got the job they didn't bring up salary and I didn't want to either because I heard whoever brings up salaRy first, loses )

    Since I am going in next week and they will probably tell me then what my starting pay is, I wanted to ask what is the starting salary? I remember when I first started nursing school, we were told by our clinical faculty that it was around 28-30. I realize with the economy now, it has decreased. But, what should I expect?

    Thanks in advance!
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    I know for a fact that new grad ADN pay for Banner is $25.xx. I've never heard Of new grad pay at 28-30, that might be with shift diff. I think BSN get a dollar more. Congrats on finding the mythical unicorn of a new grad job at Banner. Were you a fellow?
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    Thanks for the info! I just got my BSN and I was a Fellow. $26.xx sounds great!! I heart Abrazo pays like $22.xx, which seems kind of low so I am so glad to hear Banner pay is better. )
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    It's just good to see that hospitals in Arizona are starting to hire new grads again. Here in Tucson, the job market appears to be picking up a bit. We are hiring 3 new grads.
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    i was just told by a new grad at a banner facility that days were 25 to 26, and nights 31.
    oh, and congrats!!!!!
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    Hey congrats on the Job NyGirl!!
    I was just offered a job @ St Joes on nights & havent heard from HR yet about when I should come in (ok I'm getting way too antsy, I was offered the job 4 hours ago lol), but I'm curious- I've heard Joes pays way less than the other hospitals, does anyone know what they pay new night shift RNs?
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    Quote from MassagetoRN
    I've never heard Of new grad pay at 28-30, that might be with shift diff.
    My hospital hires new grads for this pay range. They even pay more than that for night shift.

    Oh and congrats on getting hired. I did clinicals in Banner Good Sam's ICU and loved it!!
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    Be thankful you don't work for Mountain Vista MC. They pay their NGs, $18/hr.
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    Chuck, where did you get this info? I work for Tempe St Lukes as a GN, both hospitals are owned by IASIS, and I wasn't offered that low...... My offer was on target with Banner's GN pay....
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    Apparently, MVMC has a new head of nursing or some such. I have heard this for some time, but my friend talked to a nurse that works at MV and she verified it.

    And though they are IASIS hospitals, things sure are different.
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    And which hospital starts new grads off with 28 an hour? I would love to apply
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    With shift diff, $28-$30 is very reasonable for new grads!
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    How about nurses with 1.5 years of experience as a Rn and 5 years as a Lpn? Would we expect the new grad pay rate? My expectations are around 28.50 to 29.50 base pay is that to extreme?