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  1. NyGirlRN10

    New grad pay

    Thanks for the info! :) I just got my BSN and I was a Fellow. $26.xx sounds great!! I heart Abrazo pays like $22.xx, which seems kind of low so I am so glad to hear Banner pay is better. :))
  2. NyGirlRN10

    New grad pay

    Hi All! I was just offered a job with Banner Good Sam on one of their med/surg floors as a new grad. They want me to come in to HR next week to finish all the new employee paperwork. When they told me I got the job they didn't bring up salary and I didn't want to either because I heard whoever brings up salaRy first, loses :)) Since I am going in next week and they will probably tell me then what my starting pay is, I wanted to ask what is the starting salary? I remember when I first started nursing school, we were told by our clinical faculty that it was around 28-30. I realize with the economy now, it has decreased. But, what should I expect? Thanks in advance!
  3. I am taking a Leadership class and we are required to buy a code for Elsevier Online Modules that go with the book Leading and Managing in Nursing by Yoder-Wise but the code is like $90!!! And, my class only requires 10 modules do be done, so I really do not want to pay 90 dollars just for 10 assignments. Does anyone have a copy of the module questions that they are willing to share?? My instructor said we can turn in hard copies if we find them. I need module 1, 2, 3, 4, 8, 9, 10, 12, 17, & 22!!! Thank you so much! :redbeathe:nurse:

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