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The reason I'm asking is I'm studying for the midterm right now and my instructor gave us a 'focus guide' to study from. There just doesn't seem to be a lot of info we 'need' to know for the midterm compared to what the lesson... Read More

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    Bio 202 was a different experience for me than BIO 202. First, I think I had the instructor y'all are talking about. That person made the class a miserable experience. I can always talk about that more in a PM.

    What made Bio 202 different? First, it is very poorly written in my opinion. You have to use the CD-ROM for several of the units. Those lessons are very well done - but very, very, VERY long. They also included waaaayyyy too much detail. But the exams, especially the midterm which was harder than the final, tended to randomly pick some of these obscure details for questions. So I was never sure where to draw the line as far as diving too deep on the material. I think the course would be much easier if they would not rely so heavily on the CD-ROM, and instead give us outlines like in the other lessons.

    Also, some of the lessons which were very long included several labs. So some weeks you will really clock in the hours getting all of the work done. If you have a certain instructor, this person will read the lab in detail looking for answers that match exactly from the answer key. That makes the labs even more time-consuming - though you can always appeal answers and if you can quote the book, you can get credit back. Time consuming and dumb.

    The test your knowledge quizes contain many obscure and irrelevant questions (i.e.: What medical condition is caused by a short lingual frenulum?). Instead of giving us useful review questions, you have to wade through crap like that. Also, several of the answers are wrong - and when I would report errors these were never shared nor corrected. So if an answer strikes you as wrong, confirm with your prof.

    So my overall advice is this - grin, bear it, memorize the crap, and move on. Buy lots of index cards, as that was the most efficient way for me to learn massive amounts of material for the exam. Give yourself lots of time to study for the exams, too.

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    Received my final grade - it's over!!! This is one class I will NOT miss...good luck to everyone else fighting the good fight. If anyone has any questions, etc - just shoot me a PM.
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    Like all of you, I also took BIO 202 at Rio, I am in week 12 or something...It is just awful... I had BIO 201, Bio 156, and HCC 130 and 145 there also.. With this BIO class, I felt as though I studied everything possible, but still did just OK on the midterm. The questions don't really "match" our books, labs and review sheets...I have learned since the midterm that the TEST questions come from a "Nationally Standarized set of mulitple choice questions designed to overview your knowledge of this portion of the course".:angryfire ... Thats why none of it matches.. These are questions they pretty much pull out of the "air" from about a million little pieces of info we have/ or have not yet learned and all we can do is hope we happened to have studies those parts... My only advice is the same as everyone else- study your essays... AND MOVE ON...
    (ps I am taking Micro BIO 205 at Gateway, IN CLASS....)
    One more Pre-req to go...then I will start applying.. Good luck to everyone!!!!
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    Quote from eelyak
    I will pm you and give you the name of the instructor to avoid at all costs. I was warned about him and unfortunately he is who I ended up with and I have a 4.0 so I am not dumb and up until now I was extremely confident in my ability to write a college level essay (I got a 90 on one and 100's on the rest in BIO201), but on my first essay assignment he gave me a 24 out of 100.....more in the pm.
    Could you PM me with the name of the professor to avoid as well? I did really well in bio 201 and just signed up for 202. I loved my professor for 201!

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