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  1. PhoenixGirl

    Maricopa Skills Center

    do you really have to wait a year to get into [color=#336633][color=#336633! important][color=#336633! important]lpn [color=#336633! important]program at one of the skill centers? i was wondering, after you get your [color=#336633][color=#336633! imp...
  2. PhoenixGirl

    Yea or Nay on NCLEX review course

    I agree with Saunders-Rn. I also studied from HESI and Kaplan and liked those. I took the ERI course. My school had it already in there package so it was free. I was pissed because I felt it was a waste of time. I had a newborn at home and it was...
  3. PhoenixGirl

    Arizona NS Wait Time

    What bad things have you heard about Banner? We did a lot of our clinicals at Banner Estrella and the hospital seemed pretty normal and nice. The staff receptive to students and laid back atmosphere. Good nurses too. Anyone waiting a helluva long tim...
  4. PhoenixGirl

    Tell me about preceptorship!!!

    Thrash--- Good luck on your final! I remember when you weren't sure if you were going to exit out after block 2. Aren't you glad you didn't?! Look how far we've come. Calzonan- and I remember when you were accepted to nursing school! Wasn't it a few...
  5. PhoenixGirl

    Tell me about preceptorship!!!

    I don't really have any helpful advice...just wanted to say I am in the same boat as you! I start my preceptorship next week and I have my final this Friday. I'm doing mine on the med/surg/oncology floor at banner estrella. The main thing I'm nervou...
  6. PhoenixGirl

    Toughest Block in MCC system?

    I'm currently in blk 4 and I think so far this is the hardest. Of course, I went and had a baby 3 weeks ago so that added enormous amounts of craziness to the whole thing. I thought blks 1 and 2 were quite easy... 3 and 4 were harder, IMO. One thing ...
  7. PhoenixGirl

    Breastfeeding and oncology nursing

    What I'm trying to find out, is what is the deal with exposure to radiation or chemo while you are breastfeeding? I'm really ignorant when it comes to this subject! I can't find anything online either. My situation is that I'm in my final days of an ...
  8. PhoenixGirl

    Job Search-New grad

    Often hospitals have "new hire" coordinators that can answer all these questions and give you details about their orientations. We have done some clinicals at Del Webb and their new hire coordinator came and spoke with us at one of our post-conferenc...
  9. PhoenixGirl

    LPN's in Arizona

    Oh and btw Hoozdo, how have you been lately? Are you still working at the VA???? Rebecca
  10. PhoenixGirl

    LPN's in Arizona

    Are you an LPN Rebecca? Yep! (and soon to be RN if I pass boards this summer, crossing my fingers!) Becca
  11. PhoenixGirl

    What are the 3 top nursing schools in the MCCC district?

    Exactly what the PP said! Plus, the maricopa program is technically one school, just at different satellite campus's. Where you get difference is due to instructors which is just luck of the draw anyway. The NLN just came to our school and explain...
  12. PhoenixGirl

    LPN's in Arizona

    Damn Rebecca,,,,,that's good pay for an LPN! And you deserve it! Thanks! It is good but where else are you going to have LPNs caring for these type of heavy vent and wound patients, kwim? Infectious disease is rampant, staffing sucks half the time...
  13. PhoenixGirl

    overtime incentives

    Where I work I've been offered time and 1/2 and double time to work. But I turned it down and told them to call me back if they were offering triple time, and they never did. I'm 8 months pg and my feet are swollen, it would take me a lot more cash t...
  14. PhoenixGirl

    LPN's in Arizona

    I'm working pool at an acute care facility and make $27/hr. The patients are very heavy and sick in this setting though so it's not easy nursing, which is why I think the pay is higher. The hospitals around here pay LPNs much less than the ltc fac...
  15. PhoenixGirl

    LPN's In AZ

    Misty- I know Del Webb uses LPNs in their L&D unit, but I think it's a very hard position to get. They use this position to help transition after mom has had baby and baby is stable. But I only saw one per shift and I imagine the person probably ...