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Staric specializes in Pediatrics!.

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  1. Staric

    February 09 NCLEX Test Taker Support

    I take it Feb 2... and omg I am freaking out... Good luck to all of us!!!! I just want this over with!!!!!
  2. Staric

    Congrats to all new grads !!!!!!!!!

    go us!!!! it is an awesome feeling to say we did it.. congrats to all of us who did it. good luck to everyone on their boards.. and happy new year!!!! former sn-
  3. Staric

    I passed boards today!!!!!!!!

    YEAH- CONGRATs!!!!!!!
  4. Staric

    bizarre interview

    ummm eoe still does not mean they have to interview everyone- means that can't not hire you just because you are old, or not white, or handicapped, or pregnant, or female- etc.. things like that... maybe she is just clueless- keep calling.. good luck..
  5. Staric

    Az RN New Grad Programs

    I am in the SCC Scottsdale Health Care program and I can also say they are not taking new grads YET.. Mayo also specifically called to say they were not taking any more New grads (this was about a month ago). JCL is also full. Banner goes back and forth but thier website will tell you clearly " new new grads" for some of their spots.. However, Chandler just hired someone in my class in their program; in the recruiter says to apply and its up to the floor manager.... Mercy Gilbert Specifically said no new grads.. However- Maricopa County will be hiring for their new grad program (heard from the recruiter; St Joes also.. VA still taking new grads.. Abrazo hospitals have not declined new grads yet.. ) Tucson Hospitals have new grad programs too. Hope that helps..
  6. Staric

    MAYO New Grad Program

    Looks like they have hired everyone for their NEW Grad Program for Jan 09.. They called off the remaining interviewers last week stating they were all filled up and cancelled us!!! SO much for that! ...
  7. Staric

    MAYO New Grad Program

    Mzthang581..You just got hired, but they just posted the opening for the new grad program Oct 6th; Did you already work there?? How soon after your interview did you find out you were hired?? When does the program start (not June...)there must be one sooner for 2009. And GOOD LUCK!!!
  8. Staric

    4th Semester Students!!! Dec O8

    GOOOO US!!!! I start my last semester Aug 20th.. It seems like it went VERY fast.. I am excited to be done with school and start my career!!! good luck to everyone!!! (Dec 19th.. Class of 2008)
  9. Staric

    A New Hospital for Maricopa?

    I was referring to this email you wrote.. And really just to give general information to everyone wondering why these little places were located.. I hope I did not offend you as your email kind of implies.. Just trying to help guide direction to these places so people could understand..Many people just don't know where they are.. And yes I answered some of your ques.. How far is Queen Creek to Maricopa.. Maricopa Is NOT in between Phx and Casa Grande... "so im' not sure" .. yes just clearing things up.. And ps- I have seen the sign too.. But that company website does not have any info about medical complexes/ or hospitals in Maricopa yet , they list a bunch of places all over so maybe if we keep checking their website we can find out more info on if and when they are planning to build a hospital..Hope that helped you..
  10. Staric

    A New Hospital for Maricopa?

    I live in Casa Grande- People often get confused about where Maricopa is and where Queen Creek.. (and where Casa Grande falls into it all) Maricopa is more south of Awatukee.. (so if you picture the valley on a map- go south and way to the west..) Its really no where near Casa Grande and VERY FAR from Queen creek.. To get to the Valley from Maricopa (getting onto 1-10 into south Chandler), it can be quick, about 15 minutes or so... But like everyone has talked about- during rush hour (in the morning and at night coming home) there is only one way in and out and its dreadful (and time consuming- thats the 347 road..) Now Queen Creek is WAY to the EAST- and I mean way to the east from Maricopa.. SO picture a map of the valley- go South but now go way WEST.. There's Queen Creek.. To get from Queen Creek back into the Valley its about 30-40 minutes. Casa Grande does kinds fall in the middle but to get to Maricpoa it takes about 40 or 45 minutes and to get to Queen Creek- about the same (large mountain in the way). To get to the valley from Casa Grande (which is really just south of Chandler) it takes about 30-35 minutes..I have heard the hospital everyone is talking about is The Banner Ironwood, and that near Queen Creek.. I hope that helps.. http://www.bannerhealth.com/Locations/Arizona/Banner+Ironwood/About+Us/_Banner+Ironwood.htm
  11. Staric

    Does the MCCDNP requires or allows students to use laptops?

    Im at SCC- tons of people bring thier laptops.. No problem!!!
  12. Staric

    VA hospital

    Also with the VA; if you get hired in AZ under your AZ licence- You can transfer to any VA hospital in the country- under your AZ licence.. That is great if youare interested in traveling.. They also give 5 weeks vavcation after the first year.. They just hired 14 new grads...
  13. Staric

    Attending Maricopa schools, but living in Pinal County.

    I also live in Pinal Co and attend a MCCC program and I pay the same as in-county...
  14. Staric

    Pre-reqs change MCC

    I CANT IMAGINE taking anything as a co-req with actually going to Nursing school. The nursing classes are so time consuming, you dont have time for anything else! If you get wait-listed- Please continue to take what ever classes you need so you can get them out of the way.. My nursing classes take up ALL my time and thats just process, pharm and clinicals.. And BIO 205 and the others can still be very time consuming! DO as much as you can BEFORE you get to school...Remember 75% is failing in Nursing school- There is NO SLACKING or short cuts... GOOD LUCK!!
  15. Staric

    Maricopa Community College Schedules

    I agree with Irishman..They change it up until the last minute- You never know what to expect- They just changed times at SCC for one of the groups to a 1-8 (or something like that) shift at the last minute.. It is difficult to get it all covered.. You need to have back up plans for your back up plans.. I have neighbors, family, (husband does most work with the kids), babysitters all on "stand-by". I secured sat daycare for my summer program about a year ahead of time, and who knows if that will fall apart (cause anything can happen) so I have back ups for that!!
  16. Staric

    The waiting game...

    I waited 15 months to get in.. If you really don't want to wait, and really who does- Look into some hosptial work programs- The ones that get you to the top of the list if you work for them and then agree to work while you are in school..(about 16 hrs).. Check out JCL and Scottsdale, the VA used to have something..If you speak Spanish- check out the program at Phx College.. Keep checking the extra programs..Check into Banners programs... the wait stinks! ANd BTW- keep up with your A&P- I wish I remembered more when I got to school... if you can- learn some patho! goodluck!