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  1. Kyanny

    Starting at MCC in August, anyone else?

    Thank you both for taking the time to give me some much appreciated advice. I am really looking forward to getting started and am going to try not to let the worry intimidate me too much. All new things are scary, I'll just take one step at a time and eventually will reach my goal. Do you think it is feasible to work 10 hour shifts on Friday and Saturday only? I really need the money to contribute to the household budget. I don't want work to interfere with nursing school though, what do you think? My children are teenagers and self sufficient and husband is supportive. Will this schedule be doable?
  2. After waiting over a year, I am finally starting nursing school at MCC this fall. I am excited and also very scared and nervous. I have not opened a text book since finishing pre-reqs. Spent the last year working to save up for nursing school expenses and to have money to live off during school. Would love to hear from anyone that has gone through Block I, for any words of wisdom on what to expect. What should I be doing to be ready? I'm still working for 2 more months full time and have a family to care for. I have purchased books, shoes, uniform, etc. I am more interested in what to prepare for mentally. Also, would love to hear from anyone that is beginning this same journey.
  3. Kyanny

    Orientation packets

    Has anyone been placed at MCC for fall 2007? If so, have you received your information package yet? I waited a year for placement and am so eager to know the details now that I have finally gotten in. Would love to get to know some other students beginning the program this fall.
  4. I agree with all the above comments regarding finance and educators. However, it would be nice if we could enter the wait list provisionally earlier in the pre- req state. If a student's number should come up and they have not completed the pre- reqs, throw the number back in. It seems this way it would be a more continuous process rather than waiting so long after completing the classes. It will most likely be 17 months out of pre-reqs before I start ns, how much of all that science studying will still be in my brain after so long?
  5. Kyanny

    Placement for MCCCD's programs start today!

    peesh, I too chose the traditional 2 year schools that are located in nearest proximity to where I live in the East Valley. It really is annoying all the wasted time. I wish it were possible to get on the wait list provisionally as soon as you begin taking pre-req courses, then by the time you finish those classes you could progress directly to nursing school. There's nothing to do now but wait.
  6. Kyanny

    Placement for MCCCD's programs start today!

    I too am so disappointed about not being placed. I submitted my application on March 27. I checked weekly for fall start placements and didn't get in, thinking surely I would get a January start date. Now I am looking at fall of next year before I can begin. It is just so frustrating when you work so hard toward a goal and then have to come to a complete stand still. I guess I will just keep checking weekly for any deferrals, I know I have to be somewhere near the top for placement. I just don't see how people that applied 3 months later have already gotten in. I know school choices are a big factor, I just wish I knew the secret formula to getting placed.
  7. Kyanny

    Has anyone been placed at Gateway?

    I applied the week of March 27th and chose Gateway as my first choice. On the website to check placement status, [https://web1.dist.maricopa.edu/cfide/docs/hcies/studentstatus/index.cfm] it states, "Placement for the Fall 2006 semester will resume August 10, 2006. After this date, we will resume placement on a daily basis (as needed) until August 24. Please confirm your telephone number in our database as we will contact placed students via telephone." If they are still placing for Fall 2006, how did you already get placed for Spring 2006? Is that a typo on the website, should it really be Spring placement is occurring on a daily basis? I feel like I have been waiting forever and it is so difficult to get answers from anyone, as they don't answer their phones or respond to e-mails. The worst part is just not knowing your start date, it makes planning life difficult.
  8. Kyanny

    Anyone take Bio202 at Rio?

    I had Mr. Wolcott and finished on Sept 4 with a C. I feel like I could have written your message, that is the exact experience I had in that course, it really made me doubt my abilities to continue and knocked my confidence down a notch. I had also landed A's in my previous classes. I am in Bio 201 and 205 now and I feel more confident in these instructors stating their expectations more clearly. I am in semester three of online prereq work and I have definitely noticed a difference in the course experience based on the instructors. Any advise on a good instructor to choose for Bio 202?