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    I am just curious about what the average pay is for an office or clinic RN? I am currently working on a busy med-surg floor and make a decent wage. I am not happy at my current job and am looking into finding something new. I realize that clinic nurses don't make as much as hospitals nurses, but I am just curious if it is a big difference. It may be worth it to me to take a slight pay cut to be happier at my job. Thanks.

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    It really depends on what state you are in and what your experience is. Nurses working in the hospital setting for a long time may be making a lot more than a new grad in the hospital setting. I made the change from hospital to clinic nursing and it wasn't a pay cut at all. In fact it was a rather large increase. I was making $23/hr + differentials at the hospital.
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    Years ago (in the 80's), I wanted to change specialties and try clinic
    nursing. I was offered a job with a top Family Practice. This is when
    hospitals took over many doctors offices. They cut the pay for RNs to a small
    amount above what the Medical Assistants were making.
    I took the job, gained the experience, and left about 1 year later.

    Would have stayed for years if the pay had been at RN level.

    My advice, don't always look solely at salary. I was offered and took
    many other positions which did pay very well when HR saw I had the
    FP experience.

    That said, if it is just a small amount less than the hospital, balance that
    out with the stress at your current job.
    Clinic can be no stop if you are the only nurse, but if you have plans
    to continue your education it is a good route....
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    Recently, Dr.'s office in midwest, told me they pay experienced RNs 17$/hr.
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    Where I work, Clinic Nurses/Case Managers start at 35.00 an hour
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    Clinic Nurse here making 22/hr, also a new grad...love the job and the hours!!!
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    You have WSU in your post...assuming Washington State? I made $26.00/hr...it depends on your experience and the clinic.
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    LPN on Long Island $28/hour
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    RN in Mass, $20 at family practice (yuck) and $25 at a pedi office.
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