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  1. LaughingRN

    newborn belly button & 50 cent piece.

    Taping a coin to baby to make an "innie" is an old wives tale. An "outie" belly button is either 1. The way the body decided to leave the scar. (All belly buttons are classified as scars). Taping an object over a scar will not influence what it looks like 2. An umbilical hernia which again, taping an object over top will not cause the underlying musculature to close. Many people swear that their parents taped a coin on them and their siblings and they all have innies so it must work....but think about statistics here. 80% of the population has an innie while only 20% are blessed with an outie. Why do I know so much? Because I'm part of the 20% group. It took me to be an adult to appreciate the my button because of all the ideals and parameters of beauty. Just let the baby be themselves, you wouldn't take a newborn to have a nose job dye their hair? Why would you cover up a perfectly good part of the body for no reason?
  2. LaughingRN

    Nurses not on the Canada Skilled list this time around

    Fiona, I knew there was a reason for my denial! Thanks for clarifying the post. It makes a lot of sense now and my head stopped spinning:)
  3. LaughingRN

    Nurses not on the Canada Skilled list this time around

    When I first read your post and replied I honestly thought that your account had been hacked. I've been browsing this forum for years and have always thought that your posts have been insightful. I'm still going to believe that you didn't write it, until I'm proven wrong. I think that what was posted was offensive. As a Canadian, I'm sad. I'm sad that someone wrote it, I'm sad that AllNurses allows anti-Canadianism on this site. For the record, I was born in Canada and life took me to the US so I'm no stranger to this game. My world view is that my family is now that much bigger, being American and Canadian. Peace
  4. LaughingRN

    Nurses not on the Canada Skilled list this time around

    What just happened here?
  5. LaughingRN

    It's Finally Happened!

    Just a thought. If you lay all your cards down on the table and confront her about this issue/and or talk to your supervisor.... You are returning the favor by potentially telling her (and your boss) who YOU are on AllNurses. I mean, you did start this thread.... If I were you, I would keep the information to myself just because of that fact.
  6. LaughingRN

    Neglect? What would you do?

    I feel bad for everyone overall. I agree with the poster that said that abuse isn't always intentional. I can clearly see both sides of this issue. 1. Family----loving, but failing to keep up with the standards. I can't even imagine the amount of time dedicated to the care of one family member with medical needs. Then I multiply it by X amount of years and my head is spinning. I have one son (no medical needs for the record), one husband, one full time job, one house to clean, one yard to take care, one fridge to keep stocked with food....and sometimes I fail to be perfect in all those obligations. Between driving to multiple sporting events, planning our days, fitting in everything, I fall short of perfect. Sometimes my son doesn't shower for 3 days (which he gets excited about the fact that I forgot to tell him to shower, but he's at that age I guess) and I feel exasperated when I remember. Sometimes we run out of milk because I just worked 4 12 hour shifts in a row....midnights at that! Sometimes I even forget to change to laundry over! (And then have to re-wash it all, and don't get me started on when I have to re-wash after I re-washed) Sometimes I put off appointments to optometrists and dentists because the timing isn't right and the money isn't right and because I have a deep rooted tendency to procrastinate. I could go on with examples to show I'm not perfect, but I find my life challenging to keep up with and I don't have a medically impaired individual that I'm responsible for. With all that said, as nurses we are hyper-vigilant to noticing that q 30 minute turns weren't done and that it is a failure. However, skin breakdown happens everyday in nursing homes, hospitals and even with the best private healthcare money can afford (didn't superman die from complications of a pressure ulcer?) Would the solution be to remove the child from a home with genuine love and place her in an institution (see above) that has no glowing track record of preventing the same deficits in care but would be loveless??? I digress. 2. The child- dependent and vulnerable, can't speak up and demand proper care, but deserves the utmost care and highest quality of life that is achievable, like all of us. Nothing more to say. If we can all admit that healthcare (especially long term care) is understaffed, struggling to meet standards of care...why are we not as understanding on a family consisting of multiple people with extraneous circumstances. I am aware that the family has been reported already, but maybe it is a lack of resources and time and money that is making the family fall short. Maybe it is simply caregiver burnout. Caregiver burnout is not synonymous with not caring. Conclusion: life is not black and white. What is the solution, I don't really know. Is there always a solution....probably not. Should we go out with guns blazing, guilty until proven innocent on this family? I just know that the pressure of being under such a microscope of having nurses In your home day in and day out, ready to chart your flaws must be tremendous. I'm a nurse, and I wouldn't want to be under anyone's microscope. Ethical dilemma for sure.
  7. LaughingRN

    Plan B Available for all per Court Ruling

    Wow, it amazes me that so many incredible conclusions have been drawn from this. Increasing and encouraging rape? People proliferating the STI population? Increased use of "slipping a pill in a drink"? What in the world are we talking about here? This is about access to a pill that will decrease the odds of pregnancy if needed. It is not methotrexate for the love of Pete! It is a high dose hormone pill, quite the same as a BCP. If a few individuals chose to use it on a regular basis then the only conclusion I draw is that they are financially irresponsible, the BCP would be cheaper. Providing a solution to prevent unwanted pregnancies should not be held hostage to things such as the above statements. It is as ignorant as saying "Abstinence will increase teenage rape because those boys will have no other outlet" silly huh? I cringe sometimes to think how it must of been back in the day when women fought for BCP rights.
  8. LaughingRN

    US citizen, trained in Canada

    A few years back, Minnesota was the only state that allowed you to apply for a license and write NCLEX as a Canadian educated person (without writing CRNE first). Once you become licensed in Minnesota, just endorse to the state you want. Worked for me and was quite painless. The fact that you are a US citizen has no bearing in this issue. Good luck!
  9. LaughingRN

    Unhygienic practices?

    I'm not going to comment on the appropriateness of the interview, but the concept of clean technique. When you draw up a medication into a syringe, it is not a sterile procedure. Therefore if you do not touch the sterile needle and you do not touch the sterile top of the vial after removing the cap (or a cleaned multi- use vial with alcohol) - you don't need gloves. Think about the concept of "clean" gloves. They are in a box that require your hands (and who knows how many other dirty or clean hands) to touch the exterior of the gloves before putting them on. They are more to protect the health care worker from body fluids then to protect the patient from exposure to contaminates. With that said, I'd be more concerned about pre-filled med syringes in a ziplock bag, presumably to be used by someone else (who didn't draw it up themselves) than by the hygienic issue. Just saying.
  10. LaughingRN

    Single Mother Need Advice

    Just my thoughts, Getting a nursing job out of school has been extremely challenging across the country lately. It is a combination of luck and location for the most part. Many a new/potential new nurse has come to this site stating that they are going to work in Peds, NICU, ER or as a Flight Nurse. New grads also post to this site (sometimes the same ones) that after 12 months of searching for a job they are willing to cut off an arm and work for free just to get experience anywhere. Public Health nurse can be a very hard position to get. Trust me, I have a friend that has been trying for years and is still stuck in acute care on a floor she hates (and she is willing to locate). Don't assume your background will help... -Just like the military medics, paramedics and ER technicians of many years experience sometimes find they aren't rushed through the door to work in the ER. -Just like the LPN's with years of experience aren't always given consideration for this when trying to find a job as an RN. -You may find yourself in the same place. I hope I do not come across in this post as cynical, but I only want to offer a balanced response. Only you know how bad you want this. Only you have to make the sacrifices. If you make the plunge, consider that it make take you the national average of 6-12 months post graduation to find employment, and that your first job may have nothing to do with your ultimate goal. It may take years to get what you want. Peace and luck
  11. We use alaris pumps, after having the pump beep multiple times for "air in the line" with no visible air...I decided to try a new approach. Open the pump where you feed the line and you will see two circle glass windows that are actually sensors...take an alcohol wipe and clean the windows... 98% of the time the problem is solved...dirty sensors equal not working sensors! Trust me and try it:)
  12. LaughingRN

    Intraosseous Access - Have You Used It?

    How often? Honestly almost never For pediatrics in crisis...yes For adults in crisis...IV, then EJ, then femoral line I also have my ACLS and I think the IO is underrated and under utilized.... (Level 1 trauma center)
  13. LaughingRN

    FAST exams in traumas

    Curious.....just how are they doing these FAST exams? With telepathy? For the record, our level 1 always uses Ultrasound, didn't know you could without one
  14. LaughingRN

    The "Differently Abled" Nurse Speaks

    As always, you write well with thought provoking topics. However, I think that the portion about sized-2 Mary Sunshine with no health problems not having a place in healthcare - a bit out of place with the tone of your article. As some one who has come thin my whole life and lucky thus far to not be plagued with chronic health issues, I think I definitely have a place in the nursing world. My life has not been perfect in other ways, and I have had some tough experiences, some that made me grow up quicker than others. Having lived through horrible times has not given me depression or anxiety, but it gave me perspective on life. I think that one can be sincerely empathetic without having lived through the same ordeal as another. I don't think it is ever productive to put one group of people down in effort to gain support for another group. (I don't think that's what you meant to do, but just putting it out there)
  15. LaughingRN

    Alaris infusion pump

    According to your facility Guardrail drugs simply mean any drug that is preprogrammed into your pump. In my facility, that includes hundreds. Guardrail fluids are any fluids, again, that are preprogrammed....... Guardrail doesn't really mean much beyond that. Very rarely do I have to use basic infusion, because our facility is great at keeping everything up to date.
  16. LaughingRN

    Help Help Help!!!!! I have to pick this week!

    Personally, I would take the job at Red Cross ONLY... If they are willing to change the start day. I would just explain that I am excited to work for them, however, I am committed to finish my last flu clinic on such and such a date, and would be able to start after that. Be firm, it is unlikely that most people would be able to start in 6 days -even if they decided to pass you up for the next person in line. It simply isn't realistic. Then take the next 3 weeks to see if the prison job sounds like a go!

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