Win CASH! 12th Nursing Caption Contest - $100 - page 3

Win $100! Participate in our 12th Caption Contest. Good afternoon nurses. Your mission is to provide a caption to the cartoon below. You may submit as many captions as you wish. You have 1 ... Read More

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    Who wants coffee?
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    Ok, I knew my first year nursing instructor was older, but wow!
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    Time travel this puts a whole new spin on travel nursing!
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    "I'm not saying Nurse is siding with White man, but these blisters didn't start popping up on our legs until AFTER he gave us those blankets..."
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    Now which one of you burnt the Turkey?
  6. 4
    I know you two are having fun celebrating Thanksgiving, but if I don't get you two back to the Psych Ward,

    . . .where did you get that boat from?
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    I clicked my heels together and this is where I landed. That's the last time I ever listen to Dorthy.
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    No matter how hard you try to leave it all at work, your a nurse every holiday.
    PS. none knows you stuffed a decubitus the day before you stuffed that turkey.
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    Nurse theraputic communication:
    "Now stop it you two!! Or so help me God one more word and we will get right back on the Mayflower and go home."
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    "Now, what cultural needs should I know about to help me care for you?"

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