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    our first article contest was a smashing success! we thought we'd do another contest!

    here are the details:
    we are looking for nurses wanting to share their expertise and knowledge with other nurses. any member can be an author, students, staff, regular members, previous winners are eligible as well. articles can be written more casually if desired, or more formal style.

    • the articles can be on any nursing related topic.
    • must have a minimum of 500 words
    • only articles submitted after decmber 5th 2007 and before jan 31st at midnight 2008 will be considered for this contest.
    • your article must be written in your own words......no plagiarism.
    • all articles will be reviewed by staff for consideration before displayed publically.
    best rated articles by an members/staff:
    1st prize $300
    2nd prize $150
    3rd prize $100
    all winners will automatically upgraded to platinum membership for 12 months. (a $60 value)

    • write nursing stories that are from the heart, share your nursing related experiences that might be helpful to other nurses or future nurses.
    • read through existing articles to trigger some ideas
    • submit your articles early, so there is more time to have the membership vote on your articles.
    visit our article section by clicking the article tab or visit:

    nursing articles and tutorials
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    Look forward reading more articles.

    Thank you, brian!!
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    Are those of us who won prizes in the last contest ineligible?
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    Great question! and yes, previous winners are absolutely eligible and encouraged to continue to contribute!

    I have updated the original post to reflect that. Thanks!
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    Cool beans---thanks!
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    I have loved AllNurses for a few years now. With the new "Articles" to read I am becoming even more of an AllNurses fan. I LOVE this new section and thank you Brian and all staff and moderators for making this site such a wonderful resource for all of us.

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    Is it listed somewhere what articles were the last contest winners?
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    Quote from Kymmi
    Is it listed somewhere what articles were the last contest winners?
    This lists winners and articles

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    im just new here... uhm where do i pass the article? i have one that i think is worthy of submitting here. thanks!
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    Quote from anakat_evangelista
    im just new here... uhm where do i pass the article? i have one that i think is worthy of submitting here. thanks!
    Look here http://allnurses.com/forums/f300/sub...ad-254949.html, will be checked before posting and if any alterations need making you will be notified before it will be posted
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    I'm trying to find where I post my article for the new contest but I'm not having much luck. I see where you gave the web address to someone else but it says I can't post. Can you tell me why?

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    you can submit your articles here:

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