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April 2013 Caption Contest: Win $100! - page 4

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    After his 2 day prep, he found out he wasn't pre-approved for his colonoscopy. He will have to come back next week.
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    Enema STAT
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    Nurse: Some patients act like this just to get attention, as long as he's breathing there are no worries.
    Student nurse: But I don't think he's acting....
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    I started an IV on him two hours ago... He's been screaming ever since.
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    Anxiety and trust issues. He thought I said probe, when I just asked him to disrobe.....
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    His right EJ infiltrated...
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    Looks like Dr. Smith's ego caught up with him.
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    I think I may have mentioned the word 'injection'. I'm not sure.
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    I just told him we needed to put in a catheter.
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    "I'll trade him for your ventilated patient down the hall because this man's breath is killing me!"
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    " Will someone please listen to me, the patient?!!!!"
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    This doctor is terrified because he is being admitted as a patient on this floor where he usually rips the night shift nurses for calling him after 10 PM. He keeps muttering something about karma.
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    Think he just realized we use date back in High School...Are we still waiting for clearance from Dr Johnson for his Vasectomy?