2012 Article Contest 3rd Quarter

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    Hi everyone! the last article contest was a huge hit. thank you.

    4 winners will be chosen with a total cash value of $600 awarded!

    For this article contest we have 5 subjects for you to choose from:

    1. what made you pursue a nursing career?
    2. defining moments in your nursing career journey
    3. times when you or another nurse you know have gone beyond the call of duty
    4. my courageous patient.....
    5. a person who has had an impact on you as a nurse or nursing student

    These articles can encompass daily work, past experience, education, study tips, etc.

    Only articles submitted in the following sections will be considered for this contest: is available for nurses by nurses. it is a place where you can learn, communicate, and network with more than 610,000 nurses. you can learn more about nursing as a career, find tips on networking with fellow colleagues, read personal stories, and/or discuss day-to-day nursing activity.

    Prize: $150 each

    Contest ends sept 30th. winners will be announced first week of oct.

    Contest rules:
    • article tone and content must comply with our contest rules and tos.
    • articles must have a minimum of 400 words.
    • articles must be submitted between july 1st - sept 30th.
    • no plagiarism - your article must be written in your own words.
    • articles will be reviewed by staff for consideration before displaying publicly.
    • articles must be unique, articles should not be listed on other websites, blogs, article sites etc.
    • you grant permission to rights to publish in magazines, books, etc. you will be notified and credited if published.
    • keep personal formatting choices such as text color and font choices to a minimum - use only for headings.

    Note: you may submit multiple articles.

    Good luck to everyone! we are looking forward to reading all your articles!
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    Hi all, this sounds interesting. As a first year nursing student, I am fairly new to this forum (although I was an aide prior); I'm just wondering, how do we post an article?

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    I think you have to build up points by reading posting by others and commenting. Then you can begin to post.
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    Quote from yolandaoz
    I think you have to build up points by reading posting by others and commenting. Then you can begin to post.
    No, that is incorrect. Please see the 2 posts above by Administration.
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    Do rights return to author if original publication acknowledged?
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    author retains copyright ... you just grant us rights to print

    we will always contact the author when and if we start printing
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    Another great contest. I'm looking forward to reading the entries!
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    We added Nurses Rock to the list of sections considered for this contest.

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