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HELLO I'm a graduate from the Philippines, and I'm planning to take the NCLEX here in California. But the Cali Board of Registered Nursing said that I'm not ineligible to take NCLEX RN because I have a deficiency in my... Read More

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    Quote from bayareastudent0711
    Hello, When did you graduate from your nursing program? A friend of mine also graduated from Iloilo doctors' college in 2010. And after a long process, the BRN recently told her she has a deficiency in her psych hours also =/. I'm trying to figure a way to help her.
    Try to read the previous pages of this thread, you might find valuable ideas specially the posts of starleviosa

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    Just to update you guys in this post, I am no longer enrolling in a nursing school because I was already eligible.

    First of all, do not enroll in a college, that should be your last resort unless everything fails. I was hopeless too because she kept on saying no and won't even tell me what I lack.
    The best thing that you can do is to know if anybody in your school was made eligible that would be your leverage. Because that was what I did, my schoolmates had been eligible and I was denied, until a classmate of mine, same school and same clinical rotation got eligible. I called the license anlayst and told her about it, gave her the name, she checked it and said okay I'm good.
    Her reason to me was as I remember but not sure about the words "I didn't know that the Philippines has a different curriculum than California, I was basing it in the California educational requirements, it was just now that I was updated. I'm sorry for the hassle and I will be sending your eligibility letter soon." And one week later, I was eligible. A lot of people actually had a problem with that analyst and ended up enrolling in a school. After what happened to me, I told all my schoolmates about it, and they called in and they were made eligible too.
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    Always remember guys, you have finished a four year course in Nursing, and I'll mention again, some analysts are not updated yet about the difference of the California curriculum with foreign countries. They're not supposed to evaluate your education using the California curriculum.

    Do not give up. Do not enroll in a college and study for 1 year just for the deficiency. Because I myself was in the situation and fought for my right to be eligible without needing to enroll to nursing school here in the US.

    You just have to ask the right questions and clarfiy things with your evaluator, ask her about what you lack, and always be respectful when you talk to your analyst. Do not act all knowing but make sure that you get to your point.

    Remember, my fellow Filipinos. If your college is indeed accredited, then our nursing curriculums are all the same. It is mandated by the BON and CHED. So whatever I studied, whatever other filipinos took to become eligible, is what you also took.

    So you are eligible, the same way I am and the others are..

    my email is
    from the looks of it, I see that this problem is because of one evaluator. But I cannot mention her name her, I mentioned it before, but according to the terms and conditions of this forum, we aren't allowed to mention names.

    If your analyst's name starts with an "*" email me, I have her direct line. so you can talk to her directly.
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    can I get her phone # of Ms.*
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    Hi there, Im Lui and I graduated from Philippines too. Im having the same problem as you are. But unlucky for me Im having a very difficult time to fix it. My analyst said that i should take my psychiatric nursing theory and clinical concurrently, which I did. So I requested for a letter (explaining that I took it concurrently) from my school to send it to the my analyst here. The letter was received by the california BON last September 26, 2011 and up until now Im not receiving any letter coming from my analyst. Also one of my biggest problem is that whenever I call the BON, they always forward me to my licensing analyst and I ended up on voice mail ALWAYS, I haven't heard the voice of my licensing analyst even once. He's not even answering any of my voice mails. My last option is to tell him that I have alot of school mates from my school that took the NCLEX here in California. But I don't know what to do now. Thank you for any help. I hope to hear from you soon.
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    hi what happen to your application? any update?
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    Don't have any update.. Just applied for different schools now.. been on the waiting list.. and the waiting period is like years.. I think Im going to apply for LVN while waiting for the school that's going to be available.. Let's pray! Everything will be fine!
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    which school did you apply? yeah hope everything will be fine!
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    -cant focus-cant review-still waiting for the response from the board.. I'm just wondering,what are the chances of us(philippine graduates) to have an att?? Cause ive read a lot of threads and a lot of them is being denied..thanks alot
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    unfortunately, after i got my att after my problem with my psychiatric deficiency, i failed and i had another problem which is affecting all the filipino graduates right now and noone has been able to be eligible yet. i'm having problems with the concurrency of my clinical duties and theories.

    i am already in the process of applying in nevada. nevada's less strict. i just dont want to fight anymore. we all finished a 4 year course and read those thick nursing books and made nursing care plans and woke up early or stayed up all night for out clinical duties, why would you want to insist yourself who keeps on pushing you away? that's what i feel like with california, that he does not like me. so i'd look for a boy who would want me and that's nevada. haha.

    i prayed and thought of what is right for me. my whole family is in california. but i've had so many problems along the way, its been a year now, and i just felt like something's telling me that i should try for another state. you can face all the rejections which can affect your mojo, your studies and your ego or you can choose one of the many states in america. that's what i'm doing.

    if any filipino ever gets an att, well, that's great but from the looks of it, noone is getting it and there is a very slim chance that someone will get it.

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