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  1. That's interesting! For what state is this for?
  2. No, it was not denied due to the lack of providing a SS# or they would have simply returned the entire package like they do with RN applications submitted without a SS#. Like some states let applicants thru without a SS# and even pass NCLEX, but then they are unable to get the actual license until a SS# is provided. As mentioned before, she received a denial letter stating the "concurrency issue". It's the same posting on the BVNPT website, you will see it's clearly stated as the last item of their checklist of possible reasons for non-approvals: -- Lack of concurrent instruction of theory and clinical practice. Please double check their site for this. She called me and we just got off the phone with me to tell her the bad news about the SS# is needed even if she got the ATT. It was one of the longest moment of silence between us. But she knows that's the reality now and just that much tougher to come to the States. So sad....:-( She did jokingly say, "time to dump her boyfriend there and find a good American guy here"...okay, guys, she said this in a very light hearted statement, as he's a very nice guy whom I met, very loyal and lovingly, good looking too! He comes from a wealthy family there, lives at home still, but home is like 3,000 sq. ft. model home and I was impressed with the 4 maids, so I know she's not going to leave him.
  3. How long does it take to obtain a SS#? I'm going to be asking for a friend.
  4. sallyp911

    Denied by CABON now to take LVN..

    HEY, if that's YOU! Congratulations!! Study hard and pass that exam! You got your chance now! Good luck!
  5. sallyp911

    CHLA RN Residency Program September 2012

    Wow, 60 spots, that's great! That's a hugh number considering what the other hospitals are offering given their patient bed sizes. Fingers crossed.
  6. She submitted her application sometime in Jan-Feb. 2012 and she submitted as a new application since she's still overseas and able to get to her school to get the needed documentation and sent them to a friend here in CA, who then sent off the entire package via Fedex ground (this way, the package letter could be traced and able to follow its path on-line). She figured the extra cost of having the CA BON wasn't worth it in terms of speed or knowledge when the BVNPT would get it. But she's going to re-submit an request to have her application re-evaluated again, as she (we) think the rules were changed with respect of the concurrency issue and she should have been approved under the "old" rule, but I think it's better to have another evaluator look at her application. I think two different people could give two answers, as maybe one of them is not yet versed. After thought: oh, no, I just forgot, even if she gets the ATT to take the LVN exam, she can't.....no SS#, according to the BVNPT reply, the Board requires a valid SS#...I think I"ll wait till tomorrow to call her as it's night time over there. I rather tell her in person to break the news.
  7. Here's that direct link again below: BVNPT - Unapproved Nursing Programs
  8. This is direct from the BVNPT own site: (to be honest, I didn't even read this before, until she dropped the bad news to me on when I found out, it was right there). Indicators that the program may be unapproved or cannot be deemed equivalent: The program is not listed on the Board's website as an approved vocational nursing program or on the California Board of Registered Nursing website as an approved registered nursing program. Lack of proof of accreditation in California (i.e., documentation from the Board verifying a specified period of accreditation). (The nursing program may tell you that it is approved.) Lack of a course syllabus for each course taught. Lack of information regarding credentials for each program instructor that comply with the Vocational Nursing Regulations in California. Representation of online, distance, and/or blended instruction. Representation that transcripts and/or degrees will be issued by an out-of-state or international program rather than the program where instruction is provided. Lack of concrete information regarding clinical instruction, such as the location of the clinical instruction or that clinical instruction is to be completed abroad. Lack of concurrent instruction of theory and clinical practice.
  9. here's the direct copy and paste answers she got from her contact person at the bvnpt when she started the process a few months ago: ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ (1). will the bvnpt still accept applicants with the non-currency of their classes?[color=#17365d][color=#17365d] [color=#17365d]the lvn board does not require concurrency of theory/clinical however, it is on a case by case basis, whereby yes, you must show your courses were taken in the same semester. the board may require a declaration that no internet/distance learning was in the program and may require copies of passport/visas. (2). can a foreign student still submit their application and the fees without listing a ssn?[color=#17365d] [color=#17365d]yes, just indicate that you're a foreign student, however, the board requires a valid us social security number to qualify to sit for the examination. (3). do you forecast any future changes to the above due to flood of foreign applicants and lack of nursing jobs?[color=#17365d] [color=#17365d] [color=#17365d]no, the requirements were put in place by the board to protect the public. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ she submitted her application based on the above information to her contact person's attention. so you can see the inconsistency of the answers: yes, you can do this, but no, you can't because of that. she applied not using a ss# as she can't since she does not possess one, but she was not denied for that, but rather for the same item that ca bon did. recognize the bvnpt and ca bon are two different approving and governing entities. in any sort of government operations and staffing, they are known for being not the quickest in their dealings with the general public. she has actually been starting to look into other states, not waiting for the ca answer. she has been going thru the other things such as those foreign testing evaluations for her courses and language proficiency, applying into ny. she was looking into vt, but found they just started the ss# requirement. she told me that her other friends are looking into smaller states? your guess is as good as mine on that.
  10. sallyp911

    UCLA New Grad Summer 2012 program

    Congrats guys! I knew my friend was wrong! Well, that means there's 6 more Peds left over! If I don't get it, hope I can ace the Cedars interview coming up soon. So excited for you guys!
  11. sallyp911

    UCLA New Grad Summer 2012 program

    No, I didn't speak with the UD. This is from my classmate and she's looking at PICU and I'm in Peds. She knows a couple of people who are already employed at RR and SM. Again, please don't quote me. I think that there's no decision for Peds for at least a couple more weeks if not a bit longer. Yes, I was also told there was 8 spots for Peds when I interviewed. Fingers crossed.
  12. Sorry, if you feel that way, you're entitled to your opinion. I can only tell you what I get in terms of e-mails or if we chat on-line. She is a friend I met while I was on an overseas trip to the Phillipines a few years ago, I come to find out she too was studying nursing and we struck a bond. We kept in touch over the years, so yes, I truly believe her and report back here what she and a few of her classmates are going thru. Hey, sometimes the news is not always good, you would rather have me tell you, you will all get your ATT for the RN license in a few days? Would you rather have me tell you you don't need to bother with a SS#, it's going to pass without one? I guess this is sometimes what happens in trying to be helpful. Sorry, if I don't paint in lovely and rosy colors for you. That's great that you got your ATT for the LVN exam, good luck to you. But I can tell you that for the reason, she got her denial letter was for not meeting the concurrency. Maybe everyone else will get their ATT as well, but like some here have had their own friends get the ATT for the NCLEX-RN, but they got denied even after being in the same classes together in the same college. By the way, she did attend a very good college and did well. If you happen to read very closely to the BVNPT link I posted above, you can see one of the bullet points for getting denied is the concurrency issue. This is the first time I was made aware of this based upon after seeing her e-mail today, I was taken away. I can tell you based on her e-mail to me, how sad it was and I had a big lump in my throat and a few tears running down my face. There's no reason for her to lie to me, we have been talking about finally one day we can go to Disneyland together and we're working nurses. I told her, let's re-submit the application. She is still overseas and uses a friend's address here in CA. We're not giving up hope yet in CA, but she is exploring other options to get her RN license.
  13. Oh, NO! I just received this very disappointing e-mail from my overseas friend, she was denied to take the LVN exam in CA. Her letter cited the same thing with the same concurrency issues for the RN application. BVNPT - Unapproved Nursing Programs It was pointed out in the letter as seen in the last item mentioned in CA BVNPT rules. She will have to pursue her out of CA applications for sure now and hope's to get one state that does not require a SS#, either upon the initial application or after passing the NCLEX.
  14. sallyp911

    UCLA New Grad Summer 2012 program

    I know that so many are waiting to hear about the Peds program, but they said that some kind of decision was forth coming by this week. My friend heard (sorry, it's only a rumor) that maybe there's no demand for Peds new grad for this go-around? There was a few units from last year's cohorts (but not Peds) that either hired mostly internals (meaning they kept their internals discreetly) or reduced their new grad spots or didn't hire any at all, for reasons of no demand, no budget, overstaffed. Again, this is only things she's heard from a few others, one being an internal already working inside and as far as I'm concerned, it's just that, a rumor, I hope she's wrong.
  15. sallyp911

    Problem applying nclex in california

    Pick and choose your heart's desire: Board of Registered Nursing - RN Programs
  16. sallyp911

    hello everyone

    I would suspect they would require a SS# for renewals in order to be consistent with their current SS# requirement. But I would contact the VT BON directly. I would see if that's the case to quickly have your license endorsed over to a state that does not require the SS#, but not sure, as if you don't have your VT license (other than passing the NCLEX), then there's no license to endorse over. I see so many overseas applicants trying so hard to pass the NCLEX, some after their 2nd or 3rd times or more, only to find later on, it means nothing to pass the exam, just to find out without having a SS#, there's no license to be issued. Good luck!