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I am a Psych Nurse in WV and over the last 3 months, there has been an astronomical increase in the amount of admissions that we have gotten that have been abusing bath salts. Here is my experience with this drug: the patient... Read More

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    I am glad to see this post. I had an encounter with a patient who explained to me that she had used bath salts as a way of self-weaning herself off other drugs while pregnant. She was extremely paranoid, talked a mile a minute and complained that this was her fourth ER visit because the other hospitals did not understand what she had took or how to treat her. Admittedly, the concept was so foreign to me that even I had a hard time believing that she had taken "bath salts". Now, we've caught on and understand what is going on much better.

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    IDK the chemical make up of the bath salts only know that's the name and they aren't the same stuff we souk our tired bodies in!
    We've had A few come to our floor. One guy was unable to sit up for 2 days, unable to talk for 4 days and unable to walk for almost a week. His body was rigid at all times. It's as if he had a full body tetany that gradually over 2 weeks subsided. His wife admitted to doing it too bit she " got lucky". One guy died. They all seem to be poverty or close to poverty level social status and young, in their 20s. It can be debilitating.
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    It has been a big problem in our area of western NC. Yes, paranoia and extreme agitation are the biggest symptoms we see in the ED. On a related note, someone mentioned Oxycontin....had a guy recently who had been crushing and snorting it, and his nose burned....he wanted pain meds. You gotta love it!
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    well now I don't feel so stupid !!!!!! I have had two admissions with people using this in the last month....
    I didn't know what the heck it was.......thought it was the bath salts we put in the tub....till
    'I search in google.............and found out...........WOW.........I am still in shock.....what is wrong with people????
    yes, it is becoming popular here in the southeast...........shame.........
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    Many people will do anything to get a buzz. I remember when I was in high school(11th grade health class) we were learning about drugs and alcohol. My teacher told us about a story about a fifteen year old that heard injecting peanut butter(yes as in peanut butter and jelly sandwiches) that you can get at any grocery store. I have no idea where he got the idea from and how in the world he got it in a syringe. He injected it into his veins (don't know how he did that either) but after he managed to do that he died within an hour. People will do anything for a high even if it's injecting groceries into their veins.
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    People are buying drugs such as Bath Salts, 7H, Bath Pearls, Plant Food, convenience markets. Apparently you have to know the lingo in order to buy these substances. You can't buy them by using the names listed. They are chemicals that when snorted make people high and a lot cheaper than cocaine, etc. They are made of ingredients that are not illegal. Police are trying to eliminate these drugs but it is very difficult because the ingredients are not illegal. It is very sad indeed. Patients suffer a range of reactions. Some never fully recover.
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    WOW, Calgon takes me away has a new huge meaning to me!!
    WTH??? REALLY??
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    well I'm about to give away my age here.......but I can remember when I was in high school, I knew of kids who "sniffed glue" to get high......can you imagine?
    so I guess this new "bath salts" is what's going on now........
    also "Spice" is becoming pretty common that I see with adolescents AND adult admissions...........if they only knew the damage they were doing..........
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    i have a friend who used to work in a head shop that started to sell these "bath salts". he quit on the spot one day when he saw a couple come in 3 times in one day to buy them while holding their visibly dirty, crying, minimally clothed infant with them each time. i cant believe its legal.

    i also had a patient in clinical and i was interviewing him on admission, the nurse told me he was admitted for ODing on bath salts. So i asked him if he had used any other drugs that day. he reported that he mixed bath salts and meth and injected it, started feeling out of control so he injected 3 bags of heroin to "come down a little". he was found laying in his own vomit in a parking lot near the hospital muttering incoherently. later that day they had to call security because he stated throwing things and threatening to kill people. o.O he was fun.
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    wow...i am totally blown away by what people ingest for a high.
    now it's bath salts?
    how do people discover these agents?
    my 21 yo son was telling me about 'incense' that kids are smoking, and how it really messes them up.

    yep, i remember the days of glue as well.

    there are some seriously messed up people out there.
    i'm sitting here just shaking my head - wow, wow, WOW.


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