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A day at work for a nurse can be stressful. We go through death, sickness, administrative changes, and so much more. What do you do to cheer yourself up after a bad day at work? Click Like if you enjoyed it. Please share... Read More

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    As a peds nurse who works step-down ICU, I get all the post-trauma survivors and many are changed forever. I come home and do exactly what the nurse in the cartoon is doing. I hug my children tight and try not to ever take that for granted.
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    I am blessed to be maried to a FNP who has worked from CNA to FNP. She knows and understands my good days and bad days, the flip side is I know when she has good day and bad days. We laugh, vent, and unload the days stresses. We have great family chats over dinner when all in the family get together, FNP, 2 RN's, 2 LVN's, Respiratory, Paramedic and a welder.

    its funny what is funny sometimes, people who are not in healthcare just don't get it, it's great that we can love, enjoy life, and learn from each other.
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    thai is pretty cool, my cousins are in long term relationships, one of their girlfriends is studying to be a PA, and other one is is med school, and i am a nurse hoping to someday have my fnp, i started off as a CNA too!
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    Whisky and soda, or red wine, are my two go-to stress relievers in the winter. Beer, wine spritzers, and gin martinis handle my problems in the summer. I know it's not the healthiest way of managing stress, but I'm to old to change my ways now. And I know my limits- I drink enough to get a good buzz and then stop (2.5 drinks), I've only had a hangover twice in my life and I don't care to try for a third one.
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    I remember coming home after a horrible day at work. I checked my email. And there it was the email with the latest threads, etc. I hadn't been on AN in a while since graduating from school and starting my first nursing job. I came across a thread of funny stories of different flubs by nurses or doctors.

    I laughed so hard that my stomach hurt and I had tears rolling down my face. I was hooked and have been here ever since.
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    A nice tall glass of red, red wine.
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    I try to only work two days at a time so if I have a bad night I know I only have to get thru one more! But surprisingly many times the next night turns out fine.

    Otherwise after a bad night I like to take a hot bubble bath and sleep my cares away! Then when I wake up I might indulge in some retail therapy!
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    Give thanks and praises to JAH, then spark up!!
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    Update my blog and pray and workout