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Ginger: Not Just Another Tasty Herb

Herbs bring delight to our world through their variety of aroma, taste, and beautiful hues. Beauty... Read More

Hospice Nursing: A Season Pass

Through the story of an interaction with a fellow hospice nurse, this article helps the reader... Read More

What It Means to Me

One student's road from STNA, to LPN, and hopefully soon, to RN. And all the life that can happen... Read More

Lessons from the Free Clinic

by anon456

A call for compassion that goes above politics. Lessons learned from a nurse who volunteers at a... Read More

Prematurity Awareness Day - Project Baby Madeline

November is Prematurity Awareness Month with World Prematurity Day celebrated yearly on November... Read More

Black Eye w/ Fractured Arm - Mother Afraid of Son

Older lady presents to ER,story not adding up,nurse detective,getting help,staying calm and... Read More

The Desert Angel

Being a new nurse in a new country.Not knowing the language fluently. Dealing with a complicated... Read More

Passed TEAS (finally)!!!


No two students will have the same study habits, as they truly ebb and flow. This is a story of a... Read More

Ghost Soldiers

by ghiapet

I admit to "nursing judgementalism". Judging my patient's appearance or behavior before knowing... Read More

Veteran's Day 2015 - Shout Out to All Vets!

AN is truly a place for all nurses. As we approach Veterans Day, tell us your story....If you are... Read More

End Of Life Conversations With Families

Written from a Christian Parish Nurse's perspective, this article provides practical tips on how to... Read More

Domestic Violence: What Leaving Feels Like

We all know we're supposed to ask our female patients if they feel safe at home. If they don't... Read More

The Exposure

You don’t usually know when something is going to change. Everything can be going along just fine, and then something is added to the equation that... Read More

Placed on Performance Improvement Plan - What should I do?

Dear Nurse Beth, I am a 6-month old Labor & Delivery RN and I love this new specialty. I have been an RN for 5 years now and I was at my last job on... Read More

Best Foot Forward!

You are all excited! You got the job interview! Now what? Relax, people! Here is an algorithm that you may want to consider. 1-How to prepare for... Read More

Wanna know what an LPN license can get you?

People used to ask me why I "settled" and went to a vocational school to become an LPN, instead of going to a traditional college and becoming a... Read More

Work Families: Where Nursing Shines

I think we can all agree that nursing is a profession unlike any other that can build the most interesting, hilarious, strongest relationships... Read More

Shout Out to the Nurses Taking Care of Post 9/11 Patients

The human psyche is easily affected by events that happen to us physically, mentally, and emotionally. Some people innately are able to navigate... Read More

Pain is not just physical!

My patient is dying. Literally, slowly, and very uncomfortably, to say the least. She has CHF/COPD, and even with regular NEB treatments, it's... Read More

Only a nurse would understand!

I have NEVER experienced anything like this, and I have seen & dressed some pretty horrible, deep, and long wounds. Some of the wounds I have seen... Read More

Dear Hospital Administrators

by Lev <3

Wrote this as an op-ed for a newspaper (think NY Times or the Wall Street Journal) in a moment of frustration and decided not to submit since it... Read More

Reach out and touch your patient!

I had to "switch gears" when I left floor Nursing for a position in the pre-screening department. But that doesn't have to mean that I've lost my... Read More

Domestic Violence: Rebuilding

October is Breast Cancer month; it is also domestic violence awareness month. As it turns out, breast cancer is not the worst thing to ever happen... Read More

From one student to another

This isn't your typical "study tip list" - but sure, you might get a little bit of that too. This is a compilation of stories, suggestions,... Read More