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Thank you, Florence Nightingale

By Bridgid Joseph There are daily challenges we face as nurses that we all know very well: tough schedules (nights/holidays/weekends), long hours, packed and busy schedules, missed meals, full bladders (both for us and then our patients that are due to void post foley removal that can’t), and it seems like more... Read More


3 Reasons Your Immune System May Not Help You This Flu Season

By Cynthiahowardrnphd With Ebola in the news and the flu season upon us, I wanted to share some information about the immune system. It is and always will be your best defense against disease. The immune system is your defense against anything that seeks to attack the body. It is your defense against bacteria,... Read More


Part 2: The Good the Bad and the Ugly Boundaries

By Cynthiahowardrnphd In part one I talked about the need for boundaries in order to steer clear of other people’s negativity. In this article I want to lay out what boundaries look like when they are rigid (bad), absent (ugly) and healthy (good). Boundaries are absolutely essential for everyone to have healthy... Read More


Nursing in the Revolutionary War

By Julie Reyes, DNP, CPNP-AC, RN “Hush now, say your prayers and go to sleep,” I tell her, “we have a long day tomorrow.” She rolls over and looks at her brother, who looks back at me with tired, deep blue eyes filled with fear. Will we always live on the edge of fear? I stand up and put out the fire. It is hot out, and with... Read More


Let Negativity Roll off Your Back: Learn to Set Boundaries

By Cynthiahowardrnphd Learning to set limits is a skill and unfortunately most of us really never learned it. As a nurse, saying “No,” can feel like you are abandoning your team and yet, it is a skill that is going to save you from the perils of burnout and chronic tension and discontent in your career. This is Part 1... Read More


Being Beside One's Self

By jadelpn In other words, there ARE 2 of you. Who we are as people can be very different as to who we are as nurses. Validation is a wonderful thing. But the expectation that corrections mean that you are less than a person, internalizing and emotionalizing every encounter as a personal affront, can and... Read More


Don’t Let Nursing Job Resumes Intimidate You

By Brenda F. Johnson Your resume is like a snapshot; the person reading it will form an opinion from what they see. It is your first opportunity to impress a potential boss, so it should be taken seriously. It is my hope that this article will give you constructive pointers to help make the best resume. As I... Read More


Lessons Learned During Our First Semester Of Clinicals

By ElizabethStoneRN This was my first semester as a Clinical Instructor for brand new nursing students during their first clinical rotation. I looked forward to introducing the newbies to the world of nursing through an idealistic, positive lense. I knew that I would have to work hard to keep that lense clean when... Read More


Lessons From the Zoo: How my Job as a Zookeeper Made Me a Better Nurse

By classicalcat The longer that I have worked as a nurse, I realize that my varied background hasn't been a detriment to my nursing career, but an asset. My work as a zookeeper provided me with many experiences that have helped me in my nursing career. Whether nursing is your first job or you have done other... Read More


Five Positive Impacts of the Ebola Crisis

By Lynda Lampert, RN Ebola has been vilified and sensationalized in the news and with good cause: those who contract the disease are likely to die from the infection. Fortunately, Ebola is a disease that is rather easy to contain in a country with sophisticated hygiene and health care systems. This has not stopped... Read More


I lied...a story of how I outright LIED to patient's family.

By JDougRN The time I my patient's family. I hope it makes me a good nurse and helped the family, because it made me sad as hell.... Sometimes as nurses we need to blur the lines. Sometimes we deal with things that erode our soul, and only other nurses will ever understand the things we have to deal... Read More


Theresa Brown: RN Media Star

By Debi Fischer Theresa Brown has done it all and she shared her unconventional story with She has the singular honor of being the only RN columnist at what has been called the best paper in the country. Obama knows her name as well as her patients and they both called on her for help. Brown is at... Read More


Do you have a Career Plan? What Type of Nursing is Right for You?

By Cynthiahowardrnphd Nursing is a great career offering so many alternatives. It can be overwhelming and confusing unless you first check in with yourself and find out what will suit your lifestyle, personality and ultimate goals. Most people plan their vacation more carefully than their career. This quick read article... Read More


The Influence of the Influenza Vaccine:

By Bridgid Joseph Getting the Influenza vaccine, as a healthcare provider, is an interesting conundrum: there are recommendations from the CDC that are made to promote healthiness, but then there are hospital mandates. I would lose my job if I didn't get vaccinated, so I do, without a true informed medical decision.... Read More


Nerve racked nurses during the Ebola crisis

By JESSICA QUIGLEY Even the most experienced, prepared nurse can feel tension and stress when severe crisis such as the Ebola outbreak strikes. Facilities must take quick actions to ensure that the proper plans and resources are in place to protect nurses. When faced with high stress situations and unsafe working... Read More


The FOAM Movement And How To Improve Your Nursing Education

By Michael M. Heuninckx After nursing school your options are limited on ways to expand your nursing education. You either: go back to school, gain certifications, read a journal, attend a conference or rely on your department to add to your nursing knowledge. All of the above are good options, but they have some... Read More

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Informatics: What is it? What can I do with it?

Presented By Capella University Are you looking to advance your nursing career in a new and exciting field? Are you interested in combining nursing knowledge and science with your love of technology? Do you want to make an impact on nursing care, administration, research, and education by finding new solutions that will change... Read More


Capture Your Heart’s Desire: Finding the Job You Want

By Brenda F. Johnson Are you looking to relocate and are not sure how to start your job search? Having recently moved, I learned a lot and would like to share some tips. First, create your resume, then research the hospitals in the area you want to move, next make a connection with the nurse recruiter or nurse... Read More

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