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The Gift I Didn't Want to Give

A patient's wife become angry with a new hospice nurse, and what she learns from the encounter.... Read More

Age Discrimination in Nursing

Have you experienced age discrimination? This writer says it exists, and it's real. Maybe you are... Read More

Do all nurses need 20/20 vision?

Vision loss is a reality for some nurses. Does it mean the end of a career in nursing?... Read More

How I Became a Nurse Writer

I started writing about a year ago, and it's been a great journey. Here's my nurse writing story... Read More

Hate The Habit - Not the Person

Nursing exposes us to many types of people. We can become jaded quickly against patient types we... Read More

The Controversy: Mandatory Flu Vaccines

Many hospitals are moving towards creating mandatory influenza vaccination policies as a condition... Read More

Tender Touch - Its Long-Lasting Effects

This is the story of a hospice nurses' encounter with a special family and how a tender touch can... Read More

Beat Stress Now! Three Tips To Use Today

Stress at work is a given. And with changes in healthcare worldwide and diminishing resources for... Read More

Traveling RN Wants to Get BSN While On the Road

Dear Nurse Beth, I am a travel nurse and would like to continue to travel for the next 5 or so... Read More

5 Ways Night Shifters Can Sleep Better Now!

Sleeping during the day can be very challenging for some nurses. This article is filled with tips... Read More

10 Tips for Staying out of the Nursing Office Hot Seat

No one likes that feeling in the pit in their stomach when they are told the manager is looking for... Read More

Prepping for NCLEX - Don't let your anxiety kill you!

by RNsRWe

How you mentally prepare for the NCLEX will in large part determine how well you do: are you going... Read More

Am I On Camera? No Paparazzi Please!

In a time where technology seems to be the common theme throughout the world, and the majority of people have smartphones with video and camera... Read More

I Owe It To My Dad

Article Contest - "I Owe It To My Dad" by Jen Kjar RN- My experience as a hospice nurse for my father. I am a caregiver and a nurse. How my father... Read More

My Experience With Burnout

An article describing my experience with burnout as an ICU nurse. I had been in the ICU for over 10 years before I could let go. I am now on a... Read More

Teamwork: What is Going to Make or Break Nursing

Whether your position serves a clinic, hospital, long-term care facility, rehabilitation center and more, I am sure that we can all agree on one... Read More

I began nursing at 10 years old

I want to take this opportunity to tell the world why I am going to nursing school. Maybe no one will see this. That's okay, it needs saying... Read More

8 Nursing Tips When Caring For Geriatric Patients In The ER

Geriatric nursing presents a unique set of difficulties and situations for the ER nurse. In this article, learn some tips to help you navigate these... Read More

Criminal Infraction? Writing a Letter of Explanation to the BON

Ashley is sick with worry. She has made it through nursing school and applied to the BON for testing privileges. Her application was denied... Read More

Nurse Practitioner Restrictions

This article discusses limitations on Nurse Practitioner's scope of practice. Unfortunately, Nurse Practitioners in some states are unable to... Read More

Skilled Connections...the Heart of Nursing

While new nursing students often are very focused on their hands-on nursing skills, they don’t always realize that some of the most important skills... Read More

Fur Ball Therapy: Nurses Need it Too

Two words: animal therapy. Enough said. These wonderful bundles of joy come into our workplaces in their volunteer vests and bring warmth in the form... Read More

9 Tips For Surviving Nurse Practioner School

With only one semester left in NP school, I thought it would be fitting to share some of the lessons that I learned as an NP student. The school is... Read More

Anyone who says she doesn't is lying

Like most students, I thought the 5 Rights of Medication Administration were a little… bogus. I wasn’t a kid; surely I could be depended on to have... Read More

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