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You just can’t make “This Stuff” up…..

by airwaynurse I am proud to be a male nurse. It is my calling. It just took me a long time to hear it. I was a... Read More

Pain Management in Five Easy Pieces

by Jerome Stone RN While scores of patients in the hospital environment experience some degree of pain, for many of us... Read More

Canadian 2013 RN passed NCLEX first go! Here's what I did...

by rainnice Hello everyone! I stalked this forum like it was my life while studying and I knew I had to post... Read More

Why I cannot hate the Affordable Care Act

by jaycam There was a time when I would've considered the ACA unnecessary. That I would've been annoyed by... Read More

Lice: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know

by big al lpn They say the only things in life you can't avoid are death and taxes. If you’re a summer camp nurse... Read More

Celebrating Nursing

by Brenda F. Johnson Each year nurses celebrate and recognize our profession. For me, nursing means more than giving... Read More

My Oncology Patients are ROCKSTARS

by sweetpealuvr My oncology patients deserve to be called ROCKSTARS. In no other area of nursing do the patients... Read More

Primary Care: Screening For Risk Of Prescription Drug Abuse

by Michael M. Heuninckx Primary Care Providers face a challenging task when prescribing medications. Awareness of the... Read More

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Work-Life Balance: One Student’s Tips for Success

Presented By While a full-time student in Chamberlain’s Bachelor of Science in Nursing program, Jennifer Joseph... Read More

Eliminating the Stigma Associated with Mental Health Nursing

by JESSICA QUIGLEY Historically, Mental Health nursing has been an undervalued profession. In addition, Mental Health... Read More

Redefining "Abuse"

by steven007 Article about the term "Abuse" as it pertains to geriatric citizens and residents of long term care facilities. It focuses on the abuse between elder... Read More

Solutions for Tired, Achy Feet

by Lynda Lampert, RN Foot problems can dog a nurse from the beginning of their career to the end. Many different issues can cause foot pain, but plantar fasciitis is the... Read More

I failed out of Nursing School... Appealed and WON!!

by BornANurseJB I am currently a Senior Nursing Student, I have read countless blogs, threads, and websites and have yet to find a story about a successful nursing... Read More

To Say or Not to Say Hospice?

by jeastridge This article describes one patient encounter where the family requests that the word "hospice" not be used. The author discusses some of the... Read More

Uncensored Thoughts of a Nurse Interviewer: Part II

by hawkesbe The job market for new grad RNs is competitive. You need all the help you can get to land your first nursing job, especially in acute care. ... Read More

Hurt Back? Here are some Options

by Lynda Lampert, RN If you’ve hurt your back in the process of pursuing your nursing career, you may be overwhelmed at the choices available to you in providers. You... Read More

The Differences between Nursing Home in the United States and Nigeria

by ubaike The United State (U.S.) admission to nursing homes is based on health status, insurance and family preferences. Nigeria’s admission to nursing homes... Read More

Wood Alcohol Poisoning: An Era Gone By

by Brenda F. Johnson Have you ever heard of wood alcohol? Looking back to the early 1900s it was a problem for healthcare providers. In this sixth edition of “An Era... Read More

The Red Nike Tennis Shoes

by hawkesbe Would I be able to care for this teen-ager with traumatic brain injury? My shift in ICU started as usual but the day would be anything but usual as... Read More

10 Reasons I Don't Always Love My Job

by SICUshortCait It seems almost taboo to ever mention a time when we as nurses don't love our job. This article sums up why it is more than acceptable to not always... Read More