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So I made a big oopsie, my prior state's Compact RN changed to a single state about 18 months ago and I was unaware. (I can make multiple excuses but ultimately it is my professional obligation to have been aware of the matter) I was practicing in KS as an APRN during this time. When I found the error, I immediately stopped practicing and notified the board. I was informed via email that I was going to be investigated and now 3 weeks later I have heard nothing. My malpractice attorney has also not been given any updates. I applied for the KS Compact RN 3 weeks ago when the error was found. 

Any idea how tough Kansas is on these types of errors? What is the likelihood I just get fined? Or am I looking at being out of work for a while? 

I'm grasping for straws because the lack of answers (and lack of income) is stressful. 

AFAF....what would have happened if you just quietly left the state for somewhere you were licensed in and hoped for the best (assuming you were confidently unaware of any actual malpractice issues)? I'd be less concerned with the state BON than CMS/Medicare alleging fraud from this oversight.


I am doubtful that this would be a very uncommon thing, tho, FWIW.

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