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i am a 22 yr old male who is thinking about getting a circumcision. i am currently uncircumcised and unhappy with its appearance. i would just like to get some really important information about procedures and post operation effects. i would greatly appreciate any kind of information that anyone can provide me. i am serious about this procedure but i would like to know more about adult circumcision before any action is taken. thank you.

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Might wanna post this in the "General Nursing" catagory.

Yes. I don't think anyone here takes care of men or anyone weighing over 13 pounds.(Except that one 15 pound class A diabetic kid! What a monster!) :chuckle

This forum is more appropriate:

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It's none of my business, but I would seriously reconsider if I were you. You are talking about subjecting yourself to a procedure with REAL risks just for the sake of appearance.


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Please go to the Norm website and read what life was like for men who have had this done. You will lose a whole lot of sensation. And personally I think the circed penis is uglier.

You should think of this like plastic surgery and see a counselor first. If I may ask, are you doing this for yourself or a girlfriend? Please consider that this will dramatically change your sex life and not necessarily for the better. And there are potential complications, including botched surgery and loss of the penis, infection, loss of sex drive and very rarely death.

If this is right for you by all means do it but you should treat the decision like plastic surgery and have all the appropriate pre-srgery counselling. Just research the pros and cons of it. And only do it for you, no one else.

Good luck with your desicion.


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Talk to a urologist...YOU may hate the appearance....Not very many women think like that..Didn't mean that to sound sexist...Good luck with whatever you choose...As I said, speak with a respected urologist in your area and get the statistics....They could help you more with info seeking than we could, I would imagine...


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I am just new here, I am a bit searching and reading.

One person asked a question and some of you judged=ugly=not nice=for who are you doing it etc. He did not ask for that I think he needed an answer. are you Nurses?:rolleyes: .........The Dutch Nurses are diffi than I think sorry.

For the one that did ask this question.

Ask you personal Doctor he/she will sent you to a urologist etc the whole procedure etc. Don't be ashamed to ask as much as you want.........they will help you, altough thats the care and advice that I can give you from the Netherlands, the medicals don't judge here:) So thats my advice ask, ask .inform etc without shame its a very normal question.

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You know, you are right Gerard. This is not the Current Events thread and we ARE nurses who are not supposed to judge our patients, just give them the info they need to make that judgment themselves.

I think because this is a bulletin board, we forget that sometimes.

Thanks for pointing it out.



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I agree with Gerard and Steph. I think this young man is asking for some objective information and the only thing I have to offer is I had a friend in college who had it done when he was around 20 and I think he was quite happy with the results.

You probably should talk to a urologist and maybe you can continue doing some internet research to find some objective opinions from people who had it done around your age.

Good luck!

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The internet is a goldmine of information... surely there is a website somewhere for adult circumcision. However, I don't know of one personally.

Good luck! :)

This site seemed to have a lot of information. I'm sorry that I can't offer any advice from personal or professional experience.




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You don't like how it looks? So - in a few years you're the only one who's going to care!

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