4 years to my LVN dream...worth it?


I'm in my CNA program, and already looking into LVN programs in my area. RN programs are out of the question...we only have 2 and the wait list is insanly long!!!!

The only 2 I could afford (LVN) It requires 9 months of prereqs, 1 year-18 months of waiting, the 2 years of PT classes (for working individuals, full time 12 month programs require you to have no job :( )

Thats 4+years!! It seems like an eternety!! I'll be 28 by then.

I'm so excited about nursing; Even though I'll just be a CNA I can't wait!

I just wish I had the money for the $30K LVN program:( I have a Loan from my AA degree in General Studies I recieved at my local community college waiting to be accepted into the RN program, so I don't think I could afford another loan.

I;m going to do it, im juts bummed it's going to have taken all of my 20's to even get close to being an RN.


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That is a long time. But, look at it this way--in 4 years you'll still be 28. Do you want to be an LPN at 28 or be 28 and doing whatever it is you're doing now?

Are you committed to staying in your area? You might be able to move to go to a school where you could get things finished up sooner. You could always come back home again after.

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Dont let the time it will take to get there deter you from your dreams and ultimate goal a :nurse:! I graduated HS in 2001, and I have been going to school non stop with no break EVER SINCE!!!:banghead: But... for the first couple years I had no Idea what I wanted to do and was taking generals and when I decided getting into an RN was outta the ? (spent 2yr more years trying to get in). I opted LPN instead. It took me two years to finish a 3 semester program b/c I worked full time all through out the program. Now Im 26 and an LPN. And RN is another 2yrs away for me so.... I will almost be 30 when Im done. So If your goal is to become an RN you will get there too dont stress about how old you'll be when you get there. I remember saying also by the time I become LPN I will be 26. That went by so fast.


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If its your dream, it's worth it! Time doesn't matter. I've known I wanted to be a Nurse for as long as I can remember. I'm 34 and will be an LPN in December and then will go on to my RN from there. Nursing is just one of those things that can take time.


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children, children, children, lol..................i'm 55 and just starting my lpn course in two weeks.

the first question i have to ask is who has made up the timetable? i understand having goals and expectations about where you want to be career wise and in life but it doesn't always go according to plan.

i too want to go on to get my rn after lpn training. i work as an unit clerk in an er part time now and everyone (the rns that is) tell me just go for the rn, no matter how long it takes,forget the lpn, do what you have to do to get the rn, that is great advice, but for me this is the path that i think will work best. i want to work as a nurse asap, albeit not what some consider a "real" nurse. you have to do what is best for you and there are more considerations than just time. i think it will be an honor just to work in the profession.

one more thing... to be a nurse was never a lifelong dream. i've had many jobs and a few careers and now this seems to make sense. i probably will not get my rn until i'm almost 60. 60 years old!!!! the time most people are looking at retirement but i am as committed and excited about it as any 21 year old. so take heart young ones.

here is a quote that someone gave me the other day after a dicussion about the difference between an lpn and and rn.... " the prople who make a difference are not the ones with the credentials, but the ones with the concern."

children, children, children, lol..................i'm 55 and just starting my lpn course in two weeks.

" the people who make a difference are not the ones with the credentials, but the ones with the concern."

great quote! and great advice! i am 42 and just starting this new career myself. i am taking the lvn route, p/t...so that means i will be an lvn when i turn 44 ish. i plan on bridging to rn, but that will take a wait list of probably 2 to 3 years...if i am lucky. so by the time i am appx 50, i will finally be an rn:nurse: !

some where after that i hope to bridge to bsn...which will put me into my 50's. i am taking it slow because i have preschoolers right now, and i don't want to be frazzled while they are this age. most people can swing fulltime, but i am not one of them. i can barely get my laundry done now! i have no idea how i will fare when school starts in 2 weeks!:nurse:

so ...my point being, life is a journey. enjoy it. don't put a timetable on things...they usually never go as planned. have a vision, have goals, but age is a number! don't let that hold you back from anything!

I am 40 and starting the RN program this fall. Do not let anyone tell you that LPNs are not real nurses- they are! And if you really want to do it, go for it now!! 28 is still incredibly young and there is time for the RN program later. You may move to an area where the wait isn't quite as long or you may be able to get financial assistance from your employer down the road!

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I just started an LPN program last week I am 30 and plan on bridging to an RN shortly after. 28 is young. I am in a class of 35 people, 18 being the youngest and 61 being the oldest. So, like everyone else has said it takes time to get where your going but as long as you know the route you want to take getting there will be simple. Best of luck to you!!


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I am also 55 and embarking on a new phase in my life. So to be 24 and looking at 4 years to complete a course of study seems like a drop in the bucket.

In 4 years you'll be 28, whether you're a nurse, or not!

It's nice to have a goal - to be working towards something meaningful. What else would you be doing with your 20s? :yeah:

Carry on...


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Good thoughts people.....One of the things that I am sick of hearing, and you will hear it on the site plenty is "Why do you want to be an LPN if you ultimatly want to be an RN?, just do what you have to to become an RN " "LPN is a waste of time and money" "LPNs are being phased out" and this one I especally like...."Work as an LPN you'll definately want to be an RN" - implying that the work is so miserable that it will push you to pursue the RN.. I feel like I have to constantly defend my decison.

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Is there a trade school you can attend in your area? I am 51 and going to a county school that is ONE year for an LPN. They take people right out of high school. Look into other avenues if you're in a hurry. That said, when you're 24, 4 years seems like forever. Trust me, it's not


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If nursing is your dream, then by all means do it. I am 40 years old and it has taken me all this time to get to a LVN program. After this, I plan to bridge into an RN program to achieve my lifelong dream. I will be 45 years old when I finish.

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