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5 years out of hospital setting


Hi all, Wondering if there was any way to be a travel nurse to a high need Covid hospital for a nurse who has not worked in a hospital in 5 years. Itching to help.

thanks, Heather


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All travel companies notices I've received asking for 1-2years recent hospital experience and current AHA BLS + ACLS cards.

Contact your county's EMS/Health department to see if you have a citizen medical corps to volunteer.

Here's one in my area: https://www.delcocitizencorps.com

I last worked in a hospital 5 years ago. I know how to assess patients, etc. I would need a refresher on the pumps and the computer. One would think in a time like this they could use a willing nurse.

I would love to volunteer with Covid patients but would not be able to work at my paying job because of working with infected patients. I am on my own so can not afford to be out of a paycheck.

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Fortunately or unfortunately, we aren't at the point yet of taking anyone with an RN degree and putting them in the game. The kind of orientation you would need isn't practical in most areas, though you could explore NYC. I would think you could at the very least work in a mobile testing center doing Covid swabs.