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  1. Adina bat Reuven

    Agism as New Psych NP?

    I am thinking of doing the same thing.
  2. Adina bat Reuven

    Random drug testing

    Thank you. I want to try TMS treatments as so many other things have not helped or even made it worse with side effects. I just have not been able to hold on to full time jobs for the insurance for the treatments. I have worked in many settings as a nurse. It is me. Not the settings. I have had this all of my life but did not realize what it was. It has got really bad the last 6-8 years.
  3. Adina bat Reuven

    Random drug testing

    I have had one part time to per diem job for three years. I am sorry if I confused you all. The 14 jobs were full time jobs I could not handle in the last 6 years as the anxiety went more haywire. I did work a med surge job for 5 years from 2009-2014. Both are me.
  4. Adina bat Reuven

    Random drug testing

    Hello all. I have just started a new job and of course you get drug tested which is fine with me. I do not take take any medications or drugs. I have had life long anxiety and depression which is treatment resistant it seems. I have tried numerous SSRIs, SNRis, Buspar, etc. and a lot of therapy. Needless to say this has always been an issue for me personally as well as professionally my whole life. I have up and quit jobs for no reasom other than anxiety. I have had 14 jobs in 6 years and I have only managed to hold on to one per diem job for the last three years. How I am not homeless is beyond me but I have always managed to pay the rent somehow, I have been offered Ativan along with the SSRis and the SNRis and I have always refused it as I know it can be addicting. As a last resort I am going to see a psych NP to get prescribed a very low does of PRN ativan just for the days I have to work which will be 3 days a week. I am at my wits end and I can not lose another job. The place I work does random drug tests. The benzo will show up in the drug screen. Will I lose my job or will having a condition needing the Ativan exempt me? It is not something I want to take but I have to keep this job. I have always had bad anxiety but the last 8 years have been the worst. Thank You
  5. Adina bat Reuven

    help- bored stiff at current job!!

    hi everyone, I need advice. I worked for 5 years in a hospital and then one year in an internal medicine office. The next two years I essentially took off from work to care for aging parents and lived off of savings. When my father died three years ago I only had my mother left to care for and it was so stressful with her I went to work in a low stress nursing job in an assisted living facility (I know there is no such thing as a low stress nursing job-LOL) for three years till the present time. My mother passed last August and now feel I am finally able to go back to a more acute setting as the stress from the years of caretaking has abated and I am bored stiff at my job now. My problem is that I can not get a hospital to take a chance on me. It has been 5 years but I still know how to assess, read labs, call MDs when needed and how to use a pyxsis and computer scanning of meds. Of course I will be rusty with the IV pumps and have to learn a new computer medical record charting but it is doable with some training. How can I get a hospital to hire me on? I have even offered to volunteer or start out as a nursing assistant. Should I take a refresher course at a nursing school? I still have my nursing license so not even sure if the college would take me on for a refresher course. any advice would be appreciated. Thank you, Heather
  6. Adina bat Reuven

    Question about experience

    I would love to help out in NY for the Covid crisis. My issue is I have not been in a hospital setting in 5 years. What do you think the chances are they would take me? I would only need a refresher on the pumps and possible their computer system. I know how to assess, give medications and to advocate and call the MD for orders. I really want to help.
  7. Adina bat Reuven

    5 years out of hospital setting

    Hi all, Wondering if there was any way to be a travel nurse to a high need Covid hospital for a nurse who has not worked in a hospital in 5 years. Itching to help. thanks, Heather
  8. Adina bat Reuven

    Another thread about burn out

    Hi all, I have been the caretaker to my mother for the last 5 years. This with the demands of nursing proved to be too much and now I only function as a glorified medication assistant per diem at an assisted living. My mother recently passed and now I have time to refocus and get back to work full time and I want out of nursing. I have been living off of savings pretty much for the past two years as my mother's health deteriorated with just working enough to barely survive. Bottom line is that I am thinking of taking a medical billing and coding certificate to work in this capacity. Has anyone done this? I am not seeing any jobs in this field that do not require experience first. Also, I was wondering if there were a way to just buy the books and study on my own to pass the certifications. As a nurse I am of course already familiar with medical terminology and procedures. Thanks, Heather