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Please Help me- Quickly if you can.

I have been accussed of using someone's pass word to get into a pyxxis and take narcotics. Not a lg # only 4, but I am a mess.

I love my job and believe that I was born to be a nurse. I would never put my license at risk. I demanded the state be involve so a non-biast person would be looking @ the info, but now I am petrified. I keep tryinhg to tell my self it will be fine b/c I didn't do it, but I know in the real world justice isn't perfect either.

I did speak to a cpl lawyers who told me I would reciev a letter to respond to within 30 days then a meeting would be set up.

I never recieved a letter to respond to, I just got a letter requesting the appt. I can't find any information on proper procedure of accusations, so I don't know what to expect or what will help me. I hold a # of licenses and every place I have ever been say I do an incredible job, even the last one I was at. Then I got slammed. Please help. All insite will be greatly appreciated.


Distraught :confused:

and how to they propose that you got someome elses password? we are not to share our passwords even to order stuff on the computer. how do they know that person didn't do it?


You need a lawyer STAT. You are entitled to face your accusers.

Do they have someone that says they saw you ? Is this documented or just innuendo? You need to contact your malpractice insurer right now!

I had someone steal mine. They treated ME as if I were the thief!

The police were there immediately. The pharmacy had ALL passwords changed and *I* was monitored every time I neared the pyxis. Fortunately (for me) within a day the culprit was found. One thing in my favor was that I was in another area getting charge nurse report when the pyxis documented the withdrawal.

The number of items does not matter. There was a nurse on our sister unit that was discharged for taking Zantac from a patients drawer.

Get busy. Get the lawyer.


I agree with Janet....have they not spoken with the person whose password you supposedly 'lifted'? How do they think you would have gotten ahold of that? Sounds to me like you're being 'framed' for some reason. I say in your meeting that you request the other (password) person to be interview about the situation. I can't imagine the fear and frustration you must be feeling, but try to hang in there. I do believe justice will prevail.

Originally posted by janetl

and how to they propose that you got someome elses password? we are not to share our passwords even to order stuff on the computer. how do they know that person didn't do it?

That's a good question! I'd love to hear an explanation and why you're the one that has to prove you *didn't* steal a Pyxis secret code. Seems to me the other person should have to prove otherwise.


One more thought. On our earlier model of the pyxis if you didn't clear the screen the next person could go in under your name. That's without their knowing your password.

Have the pharmacy check the printout of activity to see if the "person"--accuser--was the immediate prior user. That way it would be more feasible that you didn't steal the password.

The later model of the Pyxis wouldn't let you leave without clearing the screen.

Thank you everyone for such a quick response, I am so scared and it makes me feel better that I am not getting judged by my peers also.

To answer the question about why me. I am a traveler, and everyone else was a lifer. When the nurse who noticed her password used realized she asked everyone on the floor if anyone inadvertainly used her's.(noone knows anyones password). When the Director came in that morning @ 6, a second nurse who works PRN, but has been there yrs. Went to the director and told her I did it. The nurse who's password was taken new in her heart it wasn't me, she is a very nice women. It is a long confusing story sorry.

The gd thing is my lawyer had me take a poligraph and told the board to have me take one of there's. My lawyer isn't sure if they will allow it. My lawyer is experienced with this, but he doesn't know why I didn't get a letter to rebute first. Instead of the meeting that he can't attend.

thank you everyone


Why can't the lawyer attend? It would seem to me that would be depriving you of the right to counsel. The only place I don't take my lawyer is when I go to a doctor, then I take my husband. BTW this is a disability case not a criminal one,but it seems all the same.

Melissa, one more thing--YOU ARE A TRAVELER, and your TRAVEL COMPANY SHOULD BE ADVOCATING FOR YOU!!!!! This is very important--get them on it right away!!! Talk to your recruiter and demand that they proceed in your behalf!!! You shold not have to handle this alone! Depending on the travel company, they may actually have malpractice in place for you, as part of your contract--find out!! Don't do this alone!

Gosh, Melissa, I just realized your post was from July 2001--so probably resolved by now. Let us know what happened.

We also have the pyxis system, don't you have to use a fingerprint to get in?

Wow - I'd be so interested to see how this turned out! I think I'd demand a blood test, too.

I sure hope Melissa's situation turned out well!!



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