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Please Help me- Quickly if you can.

I have been accussed of using someone's pass word to get into a pyxxis and take narcotics. Not a lg # only 4, but I am a mess.

I love my job and believe that I was born to be a nurse. I would never put my license at risk. I demanded the state be involve so a non-biast person would be looking @ the info, but now I am petrified. I keep tryinhg to tell my self it will be fine b/c I didn't do it, but I know in the real world justice isn't perfect either.

I did speak to a cpl lawyers who told me I would reciev a letter to respond to within 30 days then a meeting would be set up.

I never recieved a letter to respond to, I just got a letter requesting the appt. I can't find any information on proper procedure of accusations, so I don't know what to expect or what will help me. I hold a # of licenses and every place I have ever been say I do an incredible job, even the last one I was at. Then I got slammed. Please help. All insite will be greatly appreciated.


Distraught :confused:

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we also have the pyxis system, don't you have to use a fingerprint to get in?

yeah thats what i thought because i have been to the hospital many times and i have seen the fingerprint scanner there.

My hospital just switched ours over to fingerprint ID a few months ago.

I'm hoping everything turned out OK...

i cant even imagine being accused of something like that.

i was thinking the same thing about your agency...what do they say about all this?

dont go to the meeting if your lawyer cant attend. change it. do whatever you have to do but dont go alone. youve already been set up once....dont make things easy for them.

ask your lawyer if there is something you can do to the person who is accusing you. seems to me nurses cant make accusations like that without proof...

good luck...keep us informed

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We use the accudose machines. I remeber the old days when they just set on a shelf or a locked cabinet. Are we really better off

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