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Wrist tattoo in Nursing


Is it bad too get a wrist tattoo when being a nurse? I'm thinking of getting one like this. Maybe I could cover it up with a watch ?



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I have similar one only with white ink! You have to really look to see it and most like it when I explain.

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Like this!

That's really pretty ! Do you think it would be a problem working at a hospital if I got it in black ?

NotReady4PrimeTime, RN

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I know several nurses with wrist tattoos. As long as it's tasteful, I doubt it would be a problem.

meanmaryjean, DNP, RN

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There are more than a few hospitals that will not allow you to work with a visible tattoo. Rightly or wrongly. My daughter has a similar wrist tattoo and is forced to wear long sleeves year round as a result. (A wristwatch would cover it but they make her wear sleeves.)

Think long and hard about having a tat in such a visible spot.

I have a tattoo in black ink on my wrist, i use a watch to cover it up when I'm at the hospital no one knows i even have a tattoo. But i agree with the the post another user posted, think long and hard about it because it will be with you forever and see if a watch would be able to cover it up. Although until its done healing i wouldn't suggest putting anything on it to cover it up

As a nurse administrator I would advise you to really decide if its worth it. I would imagine that as a newer generation of patients and providers come through it won't be as big of a deal but right now most hospitals have policies that do not allow visible tattoos. It depends on the facility whether or not they enforce it.

NicuGal, MSN, RN

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We aren't allowed to wear long sleeves or watches in our hospital per ID. I would wait and see what the hospitals policy is and if it enforced.

If you don't have one don't get one, whats the point of getting a tattoo to have it covered all the time? Tattoos are not professional looking. Yes I I do have a couple of tattoos which I regret getting even tho they are not visible.

In my department and my old floor. I don't have to cover any of my tattoos unless they are offensive. It's not a big deal there but it's kind of annoying having people ask you about them all the time or show you their tattoos.


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Visible tattoos are against our dress code. I have one on the inside of my wrist and have never had anyone say anything. I know some nurses that have sleeves (full arm tats) and do have to wear long sleeves. I know that if needed I can easily cover it with a 4x4 and tegaderm for my shift. If it is something you truly want, I say go for it. I love mine!


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I have tattoos. Turns out that due to "discrimination policies" they can't do anything about it. In the job interview I covered them up :)

Deff hide any tatt's during the interviewing process.

Nurses have them where I work. I feel most facilities have a ''no visible tattoo'' policy, yet it is the individual unit's atmosphere regarding their display.

I don't have one, but I went through a phase of wanting one on my wrist and obsessively Googling how much it'd hurt and it basically depends on how well you deal with pain You can get it numbed but I've heard that it may impact how long your tattoo takes to heal.

Also it is so cute and elegant !! I saw cool in tattoo journal :bugeyes:


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I have tattoos. Turns out that due to "discrimination policies" they can't do anything about it. In the job interview I covered them up :)

How does a tattoo fall under discrimination? You choose to get the body modification, you choose where to put it, so since it's your choice I'm pretty sure if they didn't want someone with tattoos they would get rid of them. Being covered in tattoos is not a protected class, it's a choice.

I have a tattoo on each of my wrists, I would wear long sleeve compression shirts made for hot weather running while working. However, in nursing school I did not need to cover my tattoos up and within the past month my hospital has released the "no show" policy. More and more hospitals are lifting the ban on non offensive tattoos. So if you want it, do it. Just make sure it is what you want!