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Is it bad too get a wrist tattoo when being a nurse? I'm thinking of getting one like this. Maybe I could cover it up with a watch ?



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I have similar one only with white ink! You have to really look to see it and most like it when I explain.


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Like this!

That's really pretty ! Do you think it would be a problem working at a hospital if I got it in black ?

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I know several nurses with wrist tattoos. As long as it's tasteful, I doubt it would be a problem.

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There are more than a few hospitals that will not allow you to work with a visible tattoo. Rightly or wrongly. My daughter has a similar wrist tattoo and is forced to wear long sleeves year round as a result. (A wristwatch would cover it but they make her wear sleeves.)

Think long and hard about having a tat in such a visible spot.


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I have a tattoo in black ink on my wrist, i use a watch to cover it up when I'm at the hospital no one knows i even have a tattoo. But i agree with the the post another user posted, think long and hard about it because it will be with you forever and see if a watch would be able to cover it up. Although until its done healing i wouldn't suggest putting anything on it to cover it up


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As a nurse administrator I would advise you to really decide if its worth it. I would imagine that as a newer generation of patients and providers come through it won't be as big of a deal but right now most hospitals have policies that do not allow visible tattoos. It depends on the facility whether or not they enforce it.

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We aren't allowed to wear long sleeves or watches in our hospital per ID. I would wait and see what the hospitals policy is and if it enforced.


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If you don't have one don't get one, whats the point of getting a tattoo to have it covered all the time? Tattoos are not professional looking. Yes I I do have a couple of tattoos which I regret getting even tho they are not visible.


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In my department and my old floor. I don't have to cover any of my tattoos unless they are offensive. It's not a big deal there but it's kind of annoying having people ask you about them all the time or show you their tattoos.


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Visible tattoos are against our dress code. I have one on the inside of my wrist and have never had anyone say anything. I know some nurses that have sleeves (full arm tats) and do have to wear long sleeves. I know that if needed I can easily cover it with a 4x4 and tegaderm for my shift. If it is something you truly want, I say go for it. I love mine!