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txerrn6942 has 20 years experience and specializes in Emergency.

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  1. I was a bank teller prior to nursing. I worked many a payday Fridays after I became an RN because it was a nice change and seemed "mindless". If I screwed up in banking, I gave someone an extra $20. If I screwed up in nursing though........ No, your not crazy!
  2. "Boards" were not easy! It was 2 days of Hell! We all knew we failed and then had to wait 6 weeks for either the big envelope or the small one!
  3. txerrn6942

    Biox vs. Pulse ox vs. whatever else?!

    I've never heard of Biox and wouldn't have known what you meant either. I say Sats or O2 Sats.
  4. txerrn6942

    Wrist tattoo in Nursing

    Like this!
  5. txerrn6942

    Wrist tattoo in Nursing

    I have similar one only with white ink! You have to really look to see it and most like it when I explain.
  6. txerrn6942


    I just completed my MSN from UTA. Unless things have changed in the last couple of months....we could only take 1 graduate course at a time. 2 back to back courses counted as 6 hours for the semester and did qualify for part time for financial aid. It was difficult and I never would have attempted 2 classes at once.
  7. txerrn6942

    Baby Friendly- getting a tad over the top

    Just a quick question from a non L&D/neo nurse..... When I had my babies 25 years ago, I was told we had an ABO incompatibility and that I needed to alternate breast/bottle feeding. I was not a nurse, and frankly didn't know better. I tried, but ended up bottle feeding. Is there any truth to the ABO incompatibility situation? I do realize that nursing/medicine has changed in the last 25 years....just wondering if this was an actual problem with breast feeding.
  8. txerrn6942

    New Grad Do Quality Assurance?

    This is just my opinion but I would think that the longer you are away from the bedside, the harder to get back in. That applies as a new grad as well. I do think you will pigeonhole yourself into an administrative role. But, QA is of the utmost importance! Reimbursement drives patient care and I think the need in those roles will become crucial to any facility! Good luck!
  9. txerrn6942

    You can't fix stupid!

    Ok so my child has been a drama queen from birth and she would basically go to the nurses office for ANYTHING! Most of the time, just to chit chat....she seriously pranced into the principle's office, sat down, and asked him about his day. Finally, I had to threaten her that if she went to the nurse's office ONE MORE TIME........she eventually learned that nurse momma don't play! LOL
  10. txerrn6942

    Generic name for vitals machine?

    Nurse on a stick!
  11. txerrn6942

    Problems registering for research?

    Do you already have your stats class? That is required before Research!
  12. txerrn6942

    Problems registering for research?

    I don't think you can do Capstone with Research. It is one of the requirements for Capstone. I took Capstone by itself at end of program.
  13. txerrn6942

    Five rights of medication administration...

    I would also think that the right weight might come into play.....most pediatric drugs are weight based as are some adult meds. (It's just a guess!)
  14. txerrn6942

    University of Texas Tyler MBA

    Is anyone in UTT's MBA in Healthcare program? I just completed my MSN from UTA and I'm thinking of starting the MBA next year. Specifically how are the economics/accounting classes? I'm thinking of taking some prep classes at CC before jumping into grad level courses as I didn't have these as an undergrad. Thanks
  15. txerrn6942

    Just in time for Halloween - krokodil

    Just watched the documentary tonight! What a coincidence!
  16. txerrn6942

    Vent: Difficult Case

    As far as I know, reporting to CPS is anonymous and mandatory. I would report especially knowing that they are already involved or have a case in the past.